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  1. Thanks, that solutions are very usefull but this is kind of detour on the way which should be simple. It was a surprise to me that there is no option to convert the path back to the curve.
  2. Hi! Small question: I have text on path, how to EXTRACT this path (without text) to another layer? I want to have another curve and stroke it but ctrl+c and ctrl-v makes just another "curve path text" and deleting letters not making it just an ordinary curve. In another words: I know how to make curve to text path but don't know how to change empty path to curve.
  3. Hi I'm trying to figure out why original photos viewed on system and external photo viewers looks different than opened in Affinity? I was trying to change every possible RGB colour profile, uncheck "convert working space" option, and "renderin intent" - nothing helps. So - why? Attached image: Left - Fast Stone Image Viewer, right Affinity. (I agree, this picture on left is oversaturated, but it is still an original).
  4. Indeed. "English (United States)" in General section of Preferences.
  5. Where I go wrong? I updated apps manualy (without running previous versions) and I wont get any "new" welcome screen with links to free stuff. Mine is like before. (also it is a Win verion and I don't have any firewall)
  6. Hi I'm waiting for Windows beta of Affinity and I really hoping that this software will be able to replace my Photoshop and Illustrator. Untill can't try it for myself I'm asking a question which could help me decide it is worth to no renew my CC subscription: Do the Affinity can replace Photoshop in something like in this tutorial: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-baseball-inspired-text-effect-in-photoshop--psd-16077? I mean repeating steps by using sort of Affinity tools (like texturing, using custom brushes etc.), not necessary final effect. It is just an example but maybe this could give me a overall view. Affinity Photo is for dealing with photos, Designer is for vectors and I'm wondering can I do something between. Greetings and sorry for my english
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