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  1. Okay so at some point, I lost the ability to export PDF. It was working fine for ages, and then now it says it's exporting (with progress bar etc), but when I open the export folder, it hasn't made any files. Other file formats exports work fine. This behavior/bug is consistent across different project files. I have tried uninstalling Designer, rebooting, then reinstalling. When I re-install, it comes up and says "Affinity Designer will be updated to 1.6.5". (using build 135) I've done this a few times and it never installs it from scratch. Is there something that I can delete or remove after uninstalling that will FORCE the installer to do it from scratch? In any case, the problem is persistent. Everything works - except the most important thing for me which is PDF export. Does affinity have some sort of support ticket system or is everything done through the forum? Has anyone else encountered this problem? As a workaround, I have been using Microsoft Print to PDF but it is cumbersome and doesn't have all the features I want. It's costing me extra time and time is money. I would really really like to get this to work like it was working before.
  2. Thanks Lee. That fixed the issue. It was using an ICM file provided by the monitor manufacturer. I should let them know about the issue, perhaps. I've changed color management to custom and set your suggested profile as the default. Whites are white now.
  3. For some reason, the AFD interface is scaling to beige where it should be scaling to white. This doesn't affect any final renders, but while it substitutes white for beige in the interface, I can't make any accurate design judgements involving colour. So this is happening on my new computer. I booted up my old computer with Designer and it doesn't have the same issue. Whites are white. I open up the same files on my new computer and whites are now beige (see attachment). Note in the toolbar where fill and stroke should be a red line in a white box, its a red line in a beige box. I tried changing the renderer from my GPU (nvidia) to WARP but this has had no effect. I am running Windows 7 on both computers and I have attached my Nvidia information file for more details. I have not noticed this problem in any other applications running on my system. It is not a monitor calibration issue. I have no idea what colour profiles I should be selecting in preferences. I have attached a screenshot of my colour settings. NVIDIA System Information 01-05-2017 09-51-49.txt
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