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  1. Come on Serif, please don't make me take an Adobe subscription!
  2. Hi guys. Where do I install the styles so that AP can access them? Never mind! I found it. Sorry for going off half cocked!
  3. Hi, I've done the reset and cleared the user data but still getting the same result. I am using the Canon Eos 6D Mark II
  4. Hi, I am having trouble with opening RAW files. It seems to have happened after the programme crashed last night (I didn't bother to restart it as it was past my bedtime) For some reason today, when I try to open a raw file, I am getting a weird purple hue. It seems to be taking a lot longer to open them too. I know it's not the files as they are opening ok in both Cannon DPP4 and Faststone. I have been using Affinity Photo for months now and this is the first issue I have had with it. Attaching a quick set of screen shots so you can see what I mean.
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