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  1. Thanks for testing that MikeW! How were you testing it? What software do you use?
  2. I'm experiencing the same issues with K100% text not overprinting and even tried PDF/X-3, with op ticked. I would have thought that if I open the pdf in Affinity Photo I would see the results in the cmyk channels. Definitely not overprinting but knocking out in all 4 seps viewing it that way. Unless that's a flawed way to check that a pdf is knocking out or overprinting? A preview overprint simulation tick box in Affinity Publisher would be the ideal scenario. Can anyone please check this test pdf/x-3 for me? text OP pdfx3.pdf Thanks in advance!
  3. Want to create a business card as your marketing tool? You may find my Skillshare class helpful. (Total time: 16 minutes) Enroll: https://skl.sh/2JdbAqf Includes: Setting up a print-ready file images logos typography color Free template of example file available for download.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this community but wanted to say I'm really enjoying Affinity Designer as an alternative Professional Vector Graphics Software. So much so, that I've started sharing my knowledge using Affinity via Skillshares platform. Looking forward to learning from others here in this community too. I created a Skillshare class called "From Screen to Print: A Simple Colour System" If you are preparing artwork for a commercial print house this class will help get your colours right between screens, print devices and paper stocks. I also show you other helpful tips including global colours in Affinity Designer. Here is the link´╗┐:´╗┐ https://skl.sh/2Iutp0r You can use this link to sign up for two free months of Skillshare Premium and watch my classes for free. I hope you find it helpful.
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