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Found 200 results

  1. I am using artboard because this allows me to drag object outside on the artboard unlike with the default one. Problem is I am having trouble selecting objects just by clicking it? I have to hold left click drag select every pixel so that I can select it? Is there a workaround? Thank you :))
  2. Hi! Is there any way to limit the (in my case, disastrous) effects of "Select All" to the current Artboard? I was working on one Artboard, didn't like the results I had and did "Select All" and deleted. After I worked on it some more and stupidly saved the file, I came back to it today and realized that I had zorched all of the other Artboards in the process. I know I can toggle the option for saving History to the file, but I haven't been doing it on a regular basis, since I've been working on pretty large files. So, do I take this as just another hard-earned lesson in watching what the heck I'm wiping out, or is there a possibility of having the option to partially "idiot-protecting" a large project? Thanks! :) I realize now that there's a partial solution to protect myself from myself, and I should get into the habit of doing - toggle the "lock" icon on each of the other Artboards. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  3. The Margins not show with new document and create art board. I need to go to options discheck and check again every artboard that i insert. Affinity Designer
  4. HI Can I print all artboards as separeted pages? I know how to print all artboard on one page and each separately. How to print all the artboards at the same time as separated pages?
  5. I am using the trial version of Affinity Designer and am trying to figure out printing options. I've read through Help topics and came across this hoping for a solution: To print a selected artboard: From the File menu, select Print. (Optional) In the Print dialog, click Show Details to access advanced printing options. Adjust the settings in the dialog. Click Print. To print an individual artboard:From the File menu, select Print. In the Print dialog, click Show Details. Ensure Scaling and Artboards is selected from the pop-up menu below the Orientation setting. From the Artboards pop-up menu, select a named artboard. Adjust the settings in the dialog. Click Print. However, I don't see "Show Details." Any suggestions? Carl
  6. Hi, Is there a way yet to save custom Artboard sizes as templates for re-use within documents? Not sure if i'm missing this setting or the feature isn't in place for a reason. Thanks, Ryan.
  7. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, this is really counter intuitive and even inconsistent within Affinity since this behaviour does not happen with canvas. A resized canvas always keeps the guides in the same place. Thanks!
  8. I'm new to Affinity Designer, and to vector graphics in general, so sorry if my question seems stupid. So far I created only graphics for the web, mostly images and illustrations for web sites and social network. Since I needed several versions of the same design, I used a lot the "artboard" feature of Designer to keep all my work together, and set my document unit to pixels. Now I'm asked to design both a banner for the web and a poster that will be printed. So my doubt: how should I set units to keep all my work in the same document? Should I use px or mm? thanks in advance for any suggestion, gerlos
  9. Heres Johnny

    Designer | Artboard bug

    Hello. Loving the software so far, but there's a rather annoying bug of how the artboard boundaries are displayed when zoomed in (usually more than 600%). Artboard boundaries appear to be shifting at different zoom levels, which seems to be only a visual bug, though extremely distracting when constantly switching between different levels of magnification. Please have a look at the attached screenshots while paying attention to: (1) Zoom level, (2) The grid, (3) Artboard boundary in its top left corner, (4) The red rectangle looking unaligned - even though it is right on the grid (which is also confirmed by the information in the Transform box). * "example 1.jpg" @100% and "example 2.jpg" @500% look fine. The issue appears in "example 3.jpg" and the rest of the screenshots. Using Affinity Designer on Windows 10. Please let me know if you're aware of the issue. When is it going to be addressed?
  10. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, the guides seem to be hard-anchored to the origin point of the artboard? Thanks!
  11. Hello dear Affintiy Team, i just love your application, i am new and switching from illustrator. I couldn't find this topic in the forum: But how can i import content that is outside of an artboard from illustrator. (See Screenshot) I use this space like a desk, so there are a lot of important information, and if i want to move to your app in total, i need this for all my old graphics from illustrator. Thanks for reply. Greetings Dirk
  12. In a document with multiple artboards the Guides Manager places guides erratically. It's rather hard to describe, but it's really easy to reproduce: 1. Create multiple artboards inside any file, preferably with 2. Open the Guides Manager and try to add vertical and horizontal guides 3. Modify their position using numeric values (for example, 20mm, 50mm, 85mm) 4. Instead of accepting the values Affinity will override the value with random (?) negative values such as -322,2 mm 5. This only happens in one of the axis while the other works fine, which axis misbehaves seems to be related to the position of the artboard on screen Strangely guides placed by dragging from the rulers work fine. Until you try to edit their values that is... Everything seems to work fine in documents without artboards. Thanks!
  13. So far i cannot see a way to bind a hotkey to Next/Previous Artboad (like Page Up/Page Down). I suggest its strongly needed if you want to continue Atboard and Pages development. Also, to name a main menu item Layer instead of Object it's a bit confusing 'cause it contains almost nothing to do with Layer and everything with objects.
  14. I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug, but at least it's an inconsistent behaviour. If I lock a layer I will not be able to select any objects under it with the Move tool, either by clicking the object or drawing a marquee around. If I lock an artboard I will not be able to select any objects under it with the Move tool by clicking them, but I will be able to select them by drawing a marquee around. ​Thanks!
  15. I'm making a set of icons in SVG format, and have them all on their own artboard in 1 document. Exporting an artboard to SVG (with no border or fill) includes a <rect> tag named like the artboard. I'd expect the artboard to just set the width/height & viewbox properties of the export, not to have its own rect path. Maybe this could be just a checkbox in the export options?
  16. When I select an artboard with the Move or Node tool, in the Context toolbar there are options to Convert to Curves, set corner radii & type, & for the Move tool Lock Children. Converting to curves (including by using the Corner tool to Bake corners) is apparently a destructive operation -- I can't find any way to reverse that besides Undo. And while the 'converted' artboard is shown as a "(Curve)" object in the Context toolbar, in the Layers panel it is still shown as an "(Artboard)" type. On a converted or unconverted artboard, Lock Children does not seem to do anything -- checked or unchecked child layers move along with their parent. There also seems to be an issue with snapping artboards that was created as a canvas (no artboard) document with guides & was later converted to artboard(s). This is hard to describe but among other things when snap to spread & include midpoints is enabled, moving an artboard snaps as if it was an element of a canvas, snapping to edges or midpoints of a hypothetical canvas. Related is the behavioral oddities mentioned in the guides lines move with Arboard ! topic. Included is a small AD file that can be used to show some of these issues, along with a screenshot of the Snapping options I was using at the time. Artboard oddness.afdesign
  17. It would be nice to have an application on your smartphone to see how your artboards look like in action. Exspecially for me as a developer is that quite important. I've already seen this feature on "Sketch" and it would be really helpful to have the same opportunity. Thank you
  18. Hi, I have an AD document with two artboards. If I want to place that document into another AD document can I choose which of the artboards I wanna import or place?
  19. Hello, I have a problem with a document in Affinity Designer. I saved it and the artboards were aligned in the right way. Then I closed Affinity Designer and opened it again. Now the artboards are aligned the wrong way round. You find the screenshots below. Thanks for your help! Karl Grotheer
  20. **** Sorry, posted in the wrong place, will re-post to support group **** Hi, I'm really loving using Affinity Designer (particularly the artboards), but I've hit a problem. If I set up a design on an artboard with a bleed (i.e. objects that go beyond the edge of the artboard) and then export to PDF (with the 'include bleed' option checked) it exports fine and anything outside the artboard shows up in the bleed area as expected. However, if I create a design using multiple artboards, like the tri-fold leaflet in the "Artboards: Exporting and Printing" tutorial, you do not seem to be able to include a bleed. Basically, if I try to export more than one artboard as a single page (by grouping them in Draw Persona and creating a slice in Export Persona) nothing appears in the bleed area. I'm guessing that creating a slice effectively 'crops' to the edge of the artboards, removing anything in the bleed area. Is there any way to export multiple artboards as a single page and keep the bleed? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you.
  21. I have some flyers and handouts Affinity Designer files with a lot of layers in different sizes and measurements. Is it possible to create an Artboard by coping / dragging a existing Affinity designer file into an existing PASTEBOARD screen while other Artboards are there already in place - retaining the layers and settings of the imported one? When dragging now, a multi layer Affinity designer file from the desktop to a existing Pasteboard the file is converted to a embedded one with layers and settings gone. Even in the Workbook there is no mention of a way.
  22. Hi, I have some trouble with Affinity Designer (on Windows), but I’m not sure whether it is a feature or a bug… I have two artboards placed next to each other. One is the front page and the other is the back page of a publication. In order to place some objects at the same positon on both pages I want to use guides. So I clickdrag an new guide from the left vertical ruler onto the first (left) artboard. To put the guide at the exact position I open the guide dialog (“view” -> “guides manager”) and enter the required data. Afterwards I click on the label of the second (right) artboard in order to activate it. With activation of the second artboard the horizontal ruler changes its origin: The left top corner of the second artboard is “0” now. If I clickdrag a new vertical guide onto the second artboard, the “guides manager” shows me the position of the new guides measured from the top left corner of the second artboard. The moment I want to change the position manually by typing in a new position, the position is suddenly measured from the top left corner of the first artboard. In order to put the guide in the place I want it to be, I have to take out my pocket calculator and add the width of the first artboard plus the distance between both artboards plus the desired distance from the left border of the second artboard. This keeps me a bit busy sometimes… bug or feature? Is there an option to change this behavior? Best, Volker
  23. Hi, is there a way to select all object only on selected canvas? It selects all the objects of all artboards (quite useless). I know i can select only the artboard passing the mouse around the artboard, but the select all should be more precise, (if selected only the artboard objects). A
  24. if you draw some elements, add some guides, and then create an artboard, the guides shift massively. You can reproduce in the attached afdesign file. Here's what it looks like before creating an artboard: And here's what it looks like after creating an artboard around the left, yellow square: Notice how the guides are now nowhere near where they used to be :unsure: FYI I discovered this bug as there is (annoyingly) no way to crop bitmaps, so I planned to create artboards for each of the screenshots I took. artboard-guide-bug.afdesign
  25. First of all, I think the Constraints feature is excellent, every other design app is missing this feature (except SubForm but it's still in development). Constraints needs to be taken a step further for affinity to really rule the web and app design community. What we need to add is breakpoints for element reflow. Programs like Photoshop and XD still require us to design separate artboards for each breakpoint, and while the constraints-feature is good, it doesn't solve the need for elements in the design to reflow according to the artboard's width. So, while I can make fewer artboards in Affinity, I still need to make at least 3 or 4 to demonstrate to my developers how I want the elements to reflow from 1080p down to mobile. Adobe Edge Reflow came close to tackling this, but it was scrapped and they don't seem to have included it in XD yet. I'm talking about elements on the screen behaving like justified text, so the artboard's width decides wether items will "jump" to the next row below or back to the row above according breakpoints set in the horizontal ruler and min/max widths set in the constraints for each item. I imagine this means constraints need to be set on single elements that can be grouped, then those groups can have constraints added to respect columns (like the Bootstrap grid), and finally the groups can respect overall breakpoint constraints. My mind boggles a bit at how to solve this in the app UI, but I'm sure it's possible.