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New User: How to create an artboard and scale for Xcode Assets 2x and 3x

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Admittedly I'm  a brand new Affinity Designer user.  I purchased Affinity Designer for work on one specific image I purchased from Shutterstock.  I'm very used to Sketch for UI/UX Design.  Basically, I'm trying to do the following very basic steps with Affinity Designer.  The image I purchased is a .EPS, and loads fine in Affinity Designer.  The download is a rectangle with a lot of white space at the top and bottom, I need to remove the white space, and just focus on the image.  The download is 452x452.  The goal is to create a @2X and @3X images for Xcode Assets.


I created an artboard around the image, and the artboard is 378x226, not quite the size it needs to be.  I need to scale it so it's close to the 454x267 size I need and then export to the scaled sizes for Xcode Assets, which would be 2x (908 x 534) and 3x. (1362 x 801) all the while maintaining the pixel perfect image.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Paul,


I recommend using the Transform tab towards the bottom right of the app to resize the ArtBoard to the correct size for you :) You should then be able to use the Export Persona to export the image to 2x and 3x respectively.






Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 14.42.28.png

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