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  1. OMG, this has got to be the stupidest thing. When you copy adjustment layers from another document, unlike photoshop the layer is the dimension of that first document. It doesn't adjust to where it's dragged, no matter what you fill it with. That should DEFINITELY be fixed. Jeezes.
  2. I know how to use layer masks. I know what to do w/ them. It seems that Affinity Photo doesn't. If I paint w/ black on a layer mask I expect the photo to show a result in the viewer, but it doesn't. Or it only does on parts of it and on the others it's as I'd never painted on them.
  3. and BTW, i just experienced the same thing again. this time on an adjustment layer with only one mask. i could paint on one side of the mask and it would register, but not on the other. this is not normal behavior.
  4. I'm currently on the Beta version of Photo owing to the Nik Filter issues this resolves. However, the issue I am seeing should have nothing to do with that, it occurs on both versions. I recorded a macro when I first got on Affinity Photo which selects the background layer, duplicates it, fills the original layer with white, and as a last step renames the copied layer "Layer 1". All of a sudden every once in a while, the only thing I get is a blank layer filled with black on top of the background layer called "Layer 1". It's hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  5. I should have phrased it better. The issue occurred when I put a mask on an actual layer and painted on it. Nothing happened.
  6. It's like, you paint on the mask, and nothing happens. I mean, WTH?
  7. This is a bug regarding adjustment layers. So I have a picture open and I make a brightness adjustment. Apart from the fact that the layer mask isn't automatically added to the adjustment layer, like in PS - but I can live w/ that - when I do make adjustments, they are not reflected in the file. Like I paint on the layer mask I just manually added in black or white, and it's like I never did anything. This isn't just an issue w/ the new beta, it's been an issue. Is this a memory problem? What is going on here?
  8. dolunaykiz

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - GM Seed)

    Second that. Viveza still shows the washed-out colors, but I can live w/ that. Thanks!!
  9. dolunaykiz

    Nik Collection 1 Issues

    They told me Nik Collection 1 (2018), which is what just bombed.
  10. dolunaykiz

    Nik Collection 1 Issues

    They should have provided you with an upgrade option? I'd contact DxO. On a lighter note, those plugins used to be $150 EACH...
  11. dolunaykiz

    Updating Fonts

    That would be very much appreciated.
  12. dolunaykiz

    Updating Fonts

    That is just it. This worked OK last week, then automatic updates are applied, and "poof". I don't have the $$ to pay for Nik 2, either. And frankly, I shouldn't have. I am not sure if they do ANY testing before they roll these out? And then the claim that b/c you got this from the AppStore, too bad for you? AFAIC the "right" thing to do here is to apply a bug fix so that Nik, whatever the version, or for that matter other plugins are usable. DxO plugins instantly crash the software. If you're building an app like this, wouldn't you be thinking about stuff like that as you develop it?
  13. dolunaykiz

    Updating Fonts

    I am on a Mac. And if you now try to tell me that too bad, it's not possible because that's how I got it, we all know these are files in the end, and if you have them for Windows, you can make one available for Mac. I want to like this software, but you're not making it exactly easy.
  14. dolunaykiz

    Updating Fonts

    Well, then give me an option to roll it back. And it would have been nice to know before the update.
  15. dolunaykiz

    Updating Fonts

    I am using Nik 2018 v.1.2.18 and Affinity Photo 1.7.