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  1. i have to disagree here. i had a PC and just switched to mac. none of my licenses are usable on the mac. DxO on the other hand lets me download no matter what OS i am using. if it's about $$, just up the price a little. you're making me buy this software all over again, and i am not happy about it.
  2. IMO it is absolutely imperative that the capability to open INDD files be there. If you want people to come over to your side from InDesign, that HAS to be a feature right off the bat. And second what others have said - w/o that capability, I can't even test this thing and compare it to InDesign.
  3. If you try it from Explorer, you get "this file type is not supported". This is a MAJOR flaw IMO.
  4. If I look at a directory in which I know I have some InDesign files when trying to open documents in Publisher, I don't even see the InDesign files, which leads me to believe that Publisher can't open them? This makes no sense and is something that needs to be present as a functionality. I mean, if this is supposed to be Affinity's version of that program, just like Designer can open AI files, Publisher needs to be able to open INDD files.
  5. I just hit a wall trying to create a simple 3D rotation. I am not sure why you didn't include this as a tool. Please plan on including something similar in one of the next upgrades/updates. Thanks.
  6. I know you meant to help, but this discussion wasn't particularly fruitful. I am requesting a feature, that is it. What I am requesting currently doesn't exist and should be added. Thank you.
  7. the original post was about Designer.
  8. I must have not made myself clear. I know about the "copy from clipboard", which worked for me in Designer, but for some reason not in Photo. And yes, I was using the right persona in Photo. And in Designer, you don't have to be in a different persona. What I am saying is that in a future update, it would be nice to have a similar functionality. Right now, neither program gives me that, and I came to realize that I use that more than I thought, and the "workaround" just isn't cutting it for me.
  9. As I said, Photoshop has a functionality where you can select something with the marquee tool and then Image | Crop, and it will crop the image to the selection. You can also not marquee parts of the image in Photo and then copy that part to the clipboard.
  10. This is needed not just for Designer, but also Photo. Why is there no simple "image crop" function???
  11. The slice tool is a nice feature to have, but it would be even nicer if there was more control and ways to adjust it. This is too bare-bones.
  12. Love the way artboards behave, but I'd like to have more control when inserting, aligning etc.
  13. What I'm missing is a quick way to reduce white space in my Designer documents, that is something akin to "Image | Crop" in Photoshop. Instead, I have to go through Document Setup every time, which is a pain.
  14. In Photoshop, many plugins like Nik/Google were non-destructive, that is, they produced a new layer when applied to the current layer. This needs to be a feature. Thanks.
  15. In Photoshop it is possible to select all with CTRL+A and then detach what you have selected from the current layer instead of duplicating that layer by selecting CTRL+SHIFT+J. You can also detach other elements from a layer this way that you have selected prior. This needs to be possible in Affinity as well. Thanks.