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  1. Okay, thanks, I'll try this out. Not sure how it's gonna look though, how easy it will be to browse through hundreds of them. I'm coming to Scotland this summer!
  2. This is not relevant, but... why not. Anyway, what I'm doing is.. I'm just using one project to store a lot of smaller drawings that I scanned. But because there is a lot of them, and if I can have only one page per file, it means I have to store them in separate files. If I could add pages, I could store them in the same file, and it would be easy to browse through them. Maybe there's some way to have infinite room to store them, but I kind of like it that they are sitting on an A4 since that's where they'll end up anyway, so I can see them in proportion already while browsing. It would seem I should create a pdf document with a lot of blank pages... but seems weird. I know Designer would have been better for this kind of project, but since I wanted a photo editor too, I thought I could manage with Photo.
  3. Thanks Callum, I see. But can I insert a new page? Or can I merge two projects with one page to get a new project with several pages?
  4. Hello, I can't believe I have to ask for something so simple... but I can't find this, and I only found something from the forum for Designer, which didn't apply. So, how to I add pages or artboards? Cheers!
  5. Ok, I think I'm convinced. Thank you, MEB. By the way, could I do it with either Photo or Designer? Along with scanning and cropping the drawn images of course. If I can do it with either, I think I would go for Photo, as I need some photo editing software as well.
  6. Thank you Meb, this is starting so sound like what I'm looking for. I don't have Affinity yet, as I first want to make sure I can do with it what I want, so I can't check your sample for now. But this sounds promising. I assume I could also divide that 9 cm x 28 cm to any amount of boxes and have them separately act as their own clipping layers? That would be very cool, and would make things quite easy. I think my basic version would be three of 9 cm x 9 cm boxes separated with 0,5 cm spaces, but some strips would be different.
  7. Thank you, but those things are much more technical what I'm looking for. I basically would just need to have the outline of the comic strip box, and then I could drag some drawn and scanned images into it. Then print it, draw the missing things, scan again, and that would be it. It's really simple what I'm looking for, but I'm still not sure if it can be done or how to do it. There's a couple of problems. Like, if I drag a character to the corner of the comic strip box, so that it's half outside, it would cover the lines of the box, but naturally I don't want that. I need to see the lines of the box. It would be really cool, if everything outside a box would be automatically cut out. Is this possible? Also, I'm not sure how to set it up so I can see it as an A4 with a precisely 9 cm x 28 cm box (or divided into smaller boxes), and everything that I scan and place there would be in original size... so that if I draw something that's 9 cm tall, it will just fit into that 9 cm box, without any resizing or scaling. If I have to resize, the thickness of the drawn lines will change, and they should be constant. I hope I can explain it well enough.
  8. Thank you for a lengthy answer. Though I'm not sure if I followed it all, and if that is answering my questions. It seems you are doing something quite different than I.
  9. Hello, just to be clear, I would like to draw the cartoon by hand, but use Affinity for certain purposes to make things easier and to enhance the final product. Therefore, I don't have use for a comic making software like Manga or such. The problem is, I don't have experience on this, and I don't know the technical terms of what I'm thinking of, so I'm not sure how to start asking whether I would able to do the things I'm thinking of with Affinity. So, maybe I just describe what I have planned. I would appreciate if you would tell me if these are possible with Affinity, and what the terms are: 1. First, I would draw by hand some recurring things, like basic body shapes for main characters and such. I would scan them. From the scans I would like to somehow easily crop out the drawings along their outer lines (is there a name for this procedure?), and store the drawings in a bank for later use. 2. Then I would set up a page for a comic strip with Affinity. I would need to have points for the corners of the boxes to have the comic strip outlined. And then take from the bank whatever I would need in that particular strip and place them there, or even partially outside of the strip (for example if I only need a character chest-up). Can I set it up so the corber points stay on top, even if I would place a character on the same location? 3. Then I would print it and draw the rest for it. Connect the corner points to make the boxes of the comic strip. 4. Scan the whole finished strip, and apply some final touches, erase everything outside the strip boxes (for example the lower body of that character I used only chest-up). The key points are that: the scanned drawings would have to be exactly the same size throughout the process, so a 0.5 pen would look exactly the same in 1. and 3. So when I crop them and store them, and then bring back again, they would be the correct size. And that I could operate on an A4 with the box corners outlined all the time. I hope you got what I'm going for. I appreciate if you can say whether I can do these with Affinity, and I would appreciate to know what the names of there functions are. Cheers!
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