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  1. @v_kyr thank you so much! That looks exactly like what I want to achieve! 🤗
  2. I need to check out the substraction, never tried anything like that, but sounds as if it could work, thank you!
  3. I need to draw multiple concentric circle segments, which are of different lengths and with several openings. The result looks a little bit like a concentric maze, if you should need a picture in your head. As there is no cutting tool, I tried the donut, which allows only one opening and does not allow a width in pixels, I tried drawing the segments with the pen tool, but adjusting the curves without any "circle snapping" is cumbersome. How would you approach this?
  4. Okay, sorry, were not aware of the implications. Is there any way to show the source in a legal compliant way? Otherwise it would become difficult to describe what I think and mean ... 🤔
  5. Oh! That is really a good tip, thank you! I will contact them. (+1)
  6. I want to redraw a comic picture and would like to have some tips from you, how you would approach this task. I would start with the basic (more or less) mono-coloured layers, try to redraw the simpler shapes and finally go over to redraw the complex elements. I am a bit unsure about how to best handle all the little details in a complex shape: shall they be drawn one by one or should I try to make use of some patterns? Maybe I should first draw the outline of the figure and add the details afterwards? As always: All your input is highly appreciated!
  7. I found the problem: the system drive ran out of disk space. This hint was only shown, after I explicitly ran the update as administrator. Thank you all for the tips!
  8. I just downloaded the three updates for Designer, Photo and Publisher, but they all fail to install. Am I the only one with this problem or is this a known issue?
  9. I hope the title is not too confusing. I have a group of elements that assemble a vertical heading and some text boxes like this: I think I got the constraints right now: I can resize the group vertically and horizontally, the heading adjusts vertically, not horizontally and the boxes resize horizontally, both are anchored top left. I now duplicated the last box and moved it downwards in order to add another element to this group, but as soon as it leaves the area of the original element it vanishes. I am clueless as I thought the duplicated element would be visible inside the borders of the group. Any idea what goes wrong here or where my misunderstanding originates? excel-20190228.afdesign
  10. Thank you all very much for your examples! I tried them all (did not succeed with @Ballyshannon as my Pixels cannot be converted to curves) - and got really what I wanted! Kudos for all of you! It became obvious to me that I still do not understand the principle of masking - guess I should watch some videos and consult the Affinity book again. The lack of understanding hinders me too often to thing into the right direction - and I do not want to bother you guys with too many simple / stupid questions. Thanks a lot again! #LoveAffinity
  11. I have a screenshot of an iPhone and I would like to blur all icons except for one. My first thought was using a Mask Layer, but no matter, where I put it, I were not able to get a blurry effect. Then I painted a rectangle with rounded corners and hoped to get it inverted somehow in order to create a form to put on top of the screenshot and to give it Gaussian Blur and a low opacity, but also did not succeed. Then I watched some videos on masks, which also did not point me into the right direction. My approach - and there is probably a better solution for my demand - was to put a rectangle of the size of the screenshot on top of it. I gave it 50 % opacity (still no blur) and at least the picture looks "shaded" now. Then I painted a small rounded rectangle, but now I cannot find a way to "break a hole into my glass", if you know what I mean. I tried subtracting the two shapes, but it did not leave me with a big rectangle with a hole. Any help is highly appreciated as always. :hug: screenshot.afdesign
  12. Thank you very much everybody! I will try some tools online and on my computer. I guess the combination of tools always depends on the specific demands of a project, so that there is no "good for all" tool or combination of tools. The information were very interesting though.
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