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Artboard selection new shortcut

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I looked but couldn't see any mention of this.

I would like to see double-clicking on an artboard's name (the one above the actual artboard) make it zoom to the artboard just like double-clicking on the icon in the layers panel does. 

I know that you can also zoom to an artboard  by using the shortcut CTRL + ALT + 0 once it is selected. However, I find I would like to use a double-click on the artboard's name above the artboard, especially if I have clicked here to select it and then use CTRL + ALT + 0 to zoom to selection. It seems it would be easier to double-click the name in the first instance, especially if your mouse is nearby at the time.  I have tried double-clicking on the artboard's name to see if it did this, which it doesn't but it also doesn't appear to be used for anything else that I can determine.

Thanks for considering this request.


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