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  1. I've been using it for about an hour now and haven't had the issue. Looks like the beta has fixed the issue
  2. Yep, it's Windows 10. The last update I had was 1803, so I guess that's probably what caused it. I'm trying out the beta now and will let you know how it goes.
  3. After a while in Designer, keyboard input for hotkeys (e.g. P, Ctrl+J, Ctrl+S) and Art/Frame text input do not work. Keys like Shift/Ctrl when transforming an object in the viewport still work, as well as zooming using Ctrl+Scroll, and property text input (e.g. names, transform values, brush size, etc.) still work. I've noticed that this is usually preceded by Designer freezing for a couple of seconds, and then once it resumes the issue starts. The issue can be fixed by restarting Designer, until it freezes again. Note that this issue only happens on this specific laptop and not on my Windows 10 and Windows 7 desktops. The issue has started recently - in the last one or two updates most likely. My specs: Windows 10 x64 Laptop Intel HD Graphics 620 & NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Intel i5 7200U Quad Core
  4. I believe Affinity Designer is mainly used for more-plain things like shapes and doesn't have many options effects. If you want to blur the background, you can group the background then open the effects panel and apply a Guassian blur to the group. If you want to get more effects, though, you'd want to use Affinity Photo which is more for manipulating images. With Photo you can do things like filters, lighting and adjustments. And yeah, I've noticed the line tool is really annoying to use and isn't that user-friendly. I had to do a search to find out how to even make lines in the first place. I don't really like how I have to deselect the line (a big issue when you have organised stuff heaps) to make a new one continuing from one of the points on the previous line.
  5. I've noticed during my usage of Designer that, even when snapping is enabled, the pixel snapping doesn't work in the pen and node tools (it does a bit in the former, however it gets completely disregarded when aligning to a shape). Most of the stuff I create ends up being exported as a PNG file, and half-pixels (or the like) usually don't look good in the image at all. To combat this, I need to manually set the values of each node in the Transform panel after creating the shape - a slow and annoying process. I understand part of this is to make it so people can easily make complex shapes and align to edges and stuff, however a simple option to force pixel snapping for everything would be super useful. Thanks
  6. How did I miss this.. That explains why no one has posted about this lol
  7. Currently in Designer it's really annoying on my eyes when I'm using artboards, and the viewport frame turns from a nice dark grey to a (comparatively) glaring white. My eyes might be a bit more sensitive than usual or whatever, but I find myself being distracted by the inconsistent and glaring viewport colour. It would be really useful if we could customise the background colour a bit - either from a few preset options or just using the colour selection tools. I don't want to just use a rectangle is because it isn't infinite so when I zoom out (which I do often) I'd still get the white colour, and it doesn't save for new documents, so I'd need to make the rectangle all over again. It also covers the background of the empty areas in each artboard. Thanks
  8. Yeah, support, it's really annoying having to go through all this just to get a few bug fixes. Manual updating is outdated.
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