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Multiple artboards use global xy slice coordinates

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Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this so apologies if I missed.


I'm not a heavy user of the Designer but I thought it should be straight forward:

Designing an UI for embedded device with multiple screens. I created separate artboards for each screen, all scattered across so I can see them all. I used the Export Persona to create slices for each on-screen element (buttons etc.). I need their coordinates to use in the code. While in Draw Persona, every element has XY coordinates related to the artboard. When I switch to Export, the elements that are not on the "initial" artboard have their XY related to that initial artboard.


As example:

- two artboards 320x240 px. side by side

- both have a button in top left corner (and in the Draw Persona both have their XY = 0,0)

- slice of the button on the first arboard has XY = 0,0

- slice of the button on the second has XY = 370,0


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or maybe my approach is not right.


Attached image shows example slice in a tiny artboard (71x85 but the element's XY=644,476):



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Hi AdiGital,


Welcome to the forums :)


This seems to be a bug, in the meantime if you switch back to the Draw Persona you should get the correct coordinates I know its long winded but its a work around for now!




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Another option/workaround might be to stack the Artboards - have them on top of each other, then just have the Artboard you are working on visible and unlocked, that way each Artboard has the top left co-ordinate of x:0 y:0

Also name your Artboards that will help with exporting and filenames.

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Thank you both very much! I used the stack method as more suitable. The slices I created don’t match exactly the elements. Works for now.


Thanks again! (Also for the naming artboards tip)

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