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Landscape Document/Artboard & Visual Assistance

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I lost my Adobe Illustrator from my other computer and had to start over so here I am with Affinity Design.  I recently downloaded AD and have been messing around with it lately - I really like it!  When I was working with Illustrator, I used to do majority of my designs in Landscape mode, rarely portait (although I will be doing more Portrait for Grade UI Kit!).  I have been rotating the artboard but it's getting annoying each time - is there a way I could quickly select Portrait or Landscape mode for a specific artboard?


Another side question - I really liked the visual assistance (distance, connecting at exact same anchor spot, middle part of the line, middle alignment of artboard, aligning, etc.) in the Illustrator and I do see it every now & then in AD, but just not as often as it was in AI.  Is there a way to change this to increase assistance?


Any helpful tips/tricks would be very much appreciated and looking forward to getting better & perfecting my skills with AD!



Thank you,


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Hi Dalton,

Welcome to the forums.


Once an Artboard has been selected you can rotate by simply clicking View > Transform > Rotate Left/Right. You also have the option of setting up custom keyboard shortcuts for these commands in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Draw > Layer.


Check the Snapping Manager dropdown to see which options are currently enabled, the show snapping candidates will highlight with a purple line the objects that you can snap to, see this video tutorial for more information.

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