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  1. ferreirex

    Fonts on iPad

    I have been using alright but maybe because in most cases when I use a custom font on a project I start the project on a laptop.
  2. ferreirex

    Fonts on iPad

    Thanks @alfred work perfect
  3. ferreirex

    Fonts on iPad

    There is any way to import fonts to iPad? I have some works created on Affinity Designer on Mac but when I open on iPad some fonts are missing.
  4. For me when the Publisher comes I will take the trial and if works like Designer and Photo I will buy.
  5. You are not alone ... me too.
  6. I have done the guideline using Pen tools and in that way I have paste the ;ines in others Artboards thanks @MEB
  7. Thanks @MEB How I can duplicate, It is possible to copy/paste? I have found on Topic and looks is not possible to copy/past to different artboards
  8. Hi, Is it possible to create guidelines for all Artboards thank create guidelines for each artboard?
  9. Maybe will be our Christmas gift
  10. After that small problem in almost 2 years from the OS update I personality don't have any more problems, the best money I have invest in software.
  11. I have starting using Adobe Comp for fast wireframes and the free version os Protosketch, but I don't tested enough to have a good feeling about my improvement.
  12. You can let the stroke to scale or not by the size of the text, when push for the bottom where you control the line weight and etc, have the option to resize by size, but I think that options just come when you have something selected.
  13. Do you mean resize the artboard and the full artwork inside the artboard? I think you need to resize one each time, artboard and select everything and resize.
  14. Hi, for print flyers the Designer + Photo will rock your world, is a really nice set to make some art.