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I have some problems with the export persona and exporting.


I have a document (see attachment) with two artboards, where I create patterns, two front pages, which differ and a mutual back page. I would like to exclude the pattern artboards and to export each front page together with the mutual back page separately.


In the tutorial videos it said "when you create an artboard, a slice is automatically created". This does not seem to be the case when I duplicate an artboard. In the export persona the "non-duplicated" artboards had in the Layers panel the export icon, the duplicated did not. As expected, selecting the other front page and clicking "Create Slice" fixed the problem for my page.


Consequently I thought, that removing the Slice in the Slices panel would remove the slice for my one pattern artboard, instead it says "Delete Objects? You are about to delete the artboard "Pattern Dot". Do you want to keep the objects it contains or delete them?". So I chose "Keep objects", but the action did not just remove the blue frame, but deletes the whole artboard. That is not the expected outcome.


As far as I understand the export logic, I could create a group consisting of front and back page and create a slice for the group, resulting in a PDF export of the two pages as desired. This means, that I would have to duplicate the back page in order to create two export slices - correct me, if my understanding should be wrong.


Okay, much written, not very much said: My key questions are:


  • How do I remove the "blue frame" from the pattern artboard in the export persona while keeping it?
  • Is my assumption correct, that I will have to duplicate the back page artboard in order to achieve the desired two distinct exports?


Thank you very much in advance!




Spiralblock Druckvorlage A5 EEC.afdesign

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Hi Vince,


To answer point 1, deleting the slice.  This issue is already logged with the Dev team for further investigation.


Question 2: For this you would need to duplicate the back page artboard to get the 2 exports.

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I managed to delete the slice - just selecting it from the slices panel and hitting Del always delivered the dialog, which resulted in deletion, but I somehow managed to remove it ... don't know how it eventually worked though - LOL.


Thank you for your answer!

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