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question about the art board in designer

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I have a template that I have been using to create designs at the right size and resolution. But when I made it, I didn't realize that I would need the artboard. Anything I pull to the side, is invisible with this template. But on designs that have an artboard, they remain visible when off to the side of the document.

Do I have to make a new template or is there a way to add an artboard to an existing document?



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Hi SigsCreations,

Even using a regular (non-artboard) document you can see the contents outside the canvas. You can control this going to menu View ▸ View Mode and unticking Clip to Canvas.

If you still need to create an artboard from your existing document select the Artboard Tool go to the context toolbar and click Insert Artboard. The document's canvas will be converted into an artboard with the dimensions of the existing document.

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