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  1. @JamesRitson The tutorial videos are excellent. Really well done. I have a question about the Inpainting one. You remove the right-hand bird but not the wire it's sitting on, despite some of the wire being covered by the bird. Is that an effect of the non-destructive layer method, or does inpainting create bits of image that aren't there in the original?
  2. On the top line of the font selector there are four options: All, Recent, Used and Favourites. I think the fourth one might be what you are looking for.
  3. I'm afraid that this statement just doesn't stand up to examination. The Designer and Photo workbooks are exemplary and I have no reason to doubt that there will be one in the pipe for Publisher. Additionally, I have found the video tutorials for both those apps enormously helpful.
  4. Wireman

    Object Styles

    Was poking about in ~/Library/Application Support and found this... Here's hoping.
  5. I'm quite pleased that they have included some sample text styles. It's useful to be able to see how they are constructed and fit together, since there are some significant operational differences to the way text styles work in InDesign, which I am much more used to. I've already modified a couple to suit my needs and am grateful that I didn't have to build them from scratch. Any that I don't currently see a use for are easily removed.
  6. Wireman

    Cannot "crop" a photo once it's placed

    The Vector Crop tool is what you want. Two down from the Place Image tool.
  7. Wireman

    Object Styles

    Haha. Absolutely.
  8. Wireman

    Object Styles

    Yep. That doesn't seem to be implemented. Unless Assets can do that. Full disclosure: I'm a huge InDesign object styles user. I'd love there to be an already existing equivalent in AfPub - largely because I know that retro-fitting that kind of functionality can turn a brilliant app into Adobe-bloat. There's a bunch of stuff available in AfPub text styles that would require object styles in InDesign. Maybe we should all explore what has been implemented before demanding changes to the functionality.
  9. Wireman

    Object Styles

    I've not had much chance to explore it, but I think Symbols might be made to behave like object styles.
  10. I'm not seeing any pulldown for the replace field. Or am I missing something obvious?
  11. Happy about that. Count me as a +1 for GREP support - in Styles as well as Find/Change.