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    UI Design | 3D Visualisation | Design Research
  1. Is it possible to trade back my Windows license to Serif, and get it for OSX trough app store? I'm planning to leave Windows forever... I found it very unstable on Win by the way. Crashing a lot, on two different desktop PC-s.
  2. That's something good to hear thank you.
  3. Why is that archived? That's the only feature what I miss from Affinity. :'(
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    Hi All, I am Adam Simon from Hungary. I'm a graphic designer student since forever. Now I'm just before graduation and working for a software developer company almost half a year. I've been use Adobe applications since 7-8 years. Now I started to feel how obsolete, slow and complicated those. In the last few years I felt my designer tools holds me back to be creative and enjoy my work. Now I'm rather 3D designer because of that. I'm modeling a lot in Cinema 4D, but a software called Figma pulled me back. I knew a lot about App and Webdesign before, but I always felt struggling with Photoshop. Now I love to design applications, so I decided to give a chance for Affinity to create logos, flyers, illustrations again.

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