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  1. Just bumping up this thread again. Since weeks I've got used to the „Affinity logic” of text box handling. I think the default invisibility of paragraph panel makes the user confused easily. Overriding the baseline height on the character panel too easy without noticing it. Maybe Affinity team has to rethink the UX behind this functionality. I also hope they're planning to create dynamic property bar. That's the future I think. Maybe Affinity 2.0? Who knows :).
  2. The only issue with that I never overrided it or made any special adjustment. I can't feel the Leading "just works" as should be. I'd like to set custom line spacing usually but I always facing to this issue by default. In that case I'm curious how did I messed up so easy.
  3. Maybe because I'm from Adobe workflow I don't understand something but line height doesn't make any sense. When I change it to auto makes it huge. As you can se there is 194,6 pt as AUTO. What is that? Am I missing something?
  4. I'm not sure is that 1.8 related or existed before but I feel the bezier manipulations just a little bit unresponsive. I expect instant reaction but there is so much delay... I made an example compared to Figma's responsivity to maniplulation. I tried to demonstrate it visible as possible but I think it's more like using a wireless mouse against a wired one. You can't see the difference but absolutely can feel it. Screen_Recording_2020-02-27_at_20_06_06.mov
  5. I force quitted and tried the rasterizing first manually. Same thing happened... Now I created the same canvas size in Photo from scratch and set the DPI to 200. Copied my shapes and now applying flawlessly. There isn't big difference between 200 and 300 dpi on 20 cm so it looks more like an .afdesigner format issue. Now it's an .afphoto file what I'm working on. Maybe a bug? Hmm...
  6. I just jumped over with my .afdesign file to Affinity Photo and tried to apply Radial Blur on one of my design. Simple thing around 200x200 mm size. It was a bad idea... I'ts super slow and I can't cancel the process but I'd love to. Is there anything for that or just kill it with force quit?
  7. I'd love to see that as feature request! Could be a clean and pro way to work like that.
  8. Is it possible to trade back my Windows license to Serif, and get it for OSX trough app store? I'm planning to leave Windows forever... I found it very unstable on Win by the way. Crashing a lot, on two different desktop PC-s.
  9. Why is that archived? That's the only feature what I miss from Affinity. :'(
  10. Hi All, I am Adam Simon from Hungary. I'm a graphic designer student since forever. Now I'm just before graduation and working for a software developer company almost half a year. I've been use Adobe applications since 7-8 years. Now I started to feel how obsolete, slow and complicated those. In the last few years I felt my designer tools holds me back to be creative and enjoy my work. Now I'm rather 3D designer because of that. I'm modeling a lot in Cinema 4D, but a software called Figma pulled me back. I knew a lot about App and Webdesign before, but I always felt struggling with Photoshop. Now I love to design applications, so I decided to give a chance for Affinity to create logos, flyers, illustrations again.
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