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  1. That works. Not as neat as the menu, but at least a workaround!
  2. If you want different size masters from a multi layout file: 1. Select page 2.Add Master (from Master Pages) At least you will have a blank master of the correct size. All layers will still kave to be copied though :-(
  3. Paul Chiswick

    Simple magazine layout in Publisher Beta

    Wosven, I like all your suggestions and the result is very professional looking. As I commented to Petar, this was a test of the Beta, not my graphic design skills! It would need bleeds and a proper grid and much else, but as I said, your suggestions are a definite improvement. I also agree with you, this is a subject iwhere there is a great deal of infomation and it would be good to see a professional magazine!
  4. Paul Chiswick

    Simple magazine layout in Publisher Beta

    Petar, I didn't bother to tidy up as this is not for production. However, thanks for pointing it out! Personally, I won't use AP in anger until it is released. Ther are still features needed, although the Betas do appear to be stable . . .
  5. Paul Chiswick

    Can't open files on Dropbox from iPAD

    Resolved. Removed password protection from iPAD then put it back on. Now works as before. Very strange!
  6. Paul Chiswick

    Can't open files on Dropbox from iPAD

    Same happens with ios photos. But I can import file fron Dropbox!
  7. Paul Chiswick

    Can't open files on Dropbox from iPAD

    I've been doing this fine until a couple of days ago. Now when I want to access the file on Drobox it tries but keeps waiting. Both on Design er and Photo. I'm using latest Affinity releases.
  8. Paul Chiswick

    Table tool

    Cell stroke fill was the problem . . .
  9. Paul Chiswick

    Table tool

    Trying to remove verticals - this is a single column table. I'm using
  10. Paul Chiswick

    Table tool

    Cannot get borders to work in table properties . . . see last page of attached Big Valley Hiking.afpub
  11. Paul Chiswick

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Chequebook on standby . . .
  12. Hi MEB, Oh, the number of times I heard "it will take some time until we get there as this is not a trivial task" in my 25 years in IT. Some things never change, lol!
  13. I've noticed that if I export text as a PSD then open up the psd in Photo, the text is rasterised. Am I missing something? Is there a setting to prevent this from happening?