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  1. Where is it, please as I can't find it? Thanks.
  2. Apologies if this has been covered recently. I cannot do certain things in macros and I wonder if they are possible. 1. Cannot insert text (no user interaction) 2. Cannot find how to pause macro for user input. 3, Cannot group layers. Am I missing something, or are these not possible? Thanks.
  3. Picture frame Convert to curves Horizonatal rectangle Skew rectangle Place picture in frame Mask rectangle over picture To achieve the effect below. You cannot do this by skewing a picture frame or image without the image skewing as well. You can achieve it by settting picture frame property to none snd then dropping in the image. But the you cannot manipulate the mask.
  4. Does Affinity Photo (or Photo Persona in Publisher) allow you to step through a macro or interact with a step? Also, there appears to be no ability to include a Move action such as for masking.
  5. Have you posted this in the right thread? It asn't metioned in my post above?
  6. I lifted this from the Facebook APub Group this morning. Would the team like to comment, as I would like to understand whether she has a valid criticism or is simpky misunderstanding how to use the programme? Thanks. Margaret S. (surname redacted) I'm a professional designer, and I'm sorry to say, I won't be switching at this time. I really want to be able to use this software, but it's just too confusing. I've been a professional designer for about 3 decades. I know both Quark and InDesign inside out. You would think that someone with that level of expertise should be able to just go into software like this and be able to start designing. Nope. I tried to design a simple business card this morning. I was pulling my hair out. I set up the page for the usual 3.5 x 2 size. I gave it 0.125" standard bleeds. Turned off facing pages. Should be good to go. Then I hit the ok button and I get what looks like a large white area with a long rectangular box in the center with a blue outline. What the heck was that? I couldn't tell which was the actual card area to work on, and which was the pasteboard area. The long rectangular box was not clickable, so I couldn't even remove it, and it was annoyingly on the top of everything I tried to do. The bleed area was not showing. I made sure "guides" was turned on, but still couldn't see the bleed guides. What's up with that? Then I noticed that when I moved the cursor around I could see some guides appear, but if you were not over them, they were totally invisible. Really weird, and totally useless. I imported a picture and tried to move it around to give it the cropping affect, which can be done in both Quark and InDesign. All I was able to do was resize the box, which I didn't want to do, and it only distorted the photo. There didn't seem to be any option to just click on the content and move it around so that parts were hidden outside the box borders- a standard task in professional design programs. Not good. I tried to add some text, and something really weird is going on there. To begin with, the leading is in the "paragraph" box, when it should be in the "character" box. I tried to reduce the leading because the lines were miles apart. I reduced it to 5, which is the lowest allowed, and the lines were still miles apart. What the heck is that all about? Even trying to fill the background of a box with a Pantone CMYK color was really confusing. It took me a bit to find the Pantone option, and I finally got it done, but why is it so hard to find things in this program??? All those problems with just trying to design a little business card, which usually just takes a few minutes to do in a professional design app. So I finally had to just call it quits and go back to my old design program and did the card quickly there. It only takes a few minutes in both Quark and InDesign to design that same card. So what gives? Why is this program so confusing, and somewhat non-functional??? I really would like to use it, but it's just nowhere near the level I need to do my work. Are there any other professionals on this forum? I would love to hear what you think about this app. Thanks!
  7. Just to confirm a previous posts . . . cannot connect to Pexels . . . macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on Mac Pro. No spinning wheel or crash, simply no connection. Unsplash/Pixabay fine.
  8. Not in Photo . . . this was from another post . . . MEB QA/Support MEB Moderators 7,783 26,356 posts Posted April 17, 2018 Hi dave2017, No, it's not feasible. Affinity Designer is strictly a 2D design/illustration software. Isometric drawings are simply 2d representations of 3d objects in a 2d plane, there's no true 3D depth/volume (or z axis) involved. A 3d modelling software implies a different architecture/heavy changes to the current app at several levels. There's no plans to move in that direction. Like 1 shushustorm reacted to this Quote However . . . in Designer. . . https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/303013089/
  9. Sorry, but I'm having trouble finding the preflight panel. Where is this please?
  10. No AP or AD beta in the Mac App store. Do they even allow betas? It seems it isn't possible to participate if purchase is from the store?
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