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  1. Thanks. I shall keep trying. The 4500 RAW files in Apple Photos which I cannot access with AP are backed up elsewhere. I can also get to them on the iPad using a couple of other apps. Not a disaster. Just inconvenient. Thanks again.
  2. Gabriel, I capture RAW + jpeg on my Nikon camera. I upload the files to Apple Photo with a card reader plugged into the iPad. Formerly, the jpegs would automatically back up to Amazon and the RAW files would open in Develop Persona when I selected them from the AP file choser. Now, after the operating system update, the jpeg opens in the Photo Persona rather than the RAW in the Develop Persona. If I only shoot RAW, the file will open in the Develop Persona. But, then I lose my Amazon backup. I use Amazon Photos as my contact sheet.
  3. Just installed iPad operating system update 13.1.2. Opening RAW format photos in Affinity Photo from Apple Photo no longer starts the Develop Persona. My camera is a Nikon D750. The file chooser in Affinity Photo indicates the selected file is RAW format. However, the Photo Persona opens the jpeg file instead in Photo Persona. This was not the case in the previous version of the iPad operating system. The number in the lower left corner of the Affinity Photo - Preferences - General tab is
  4. Trying to delete this post. Solved the problem myself.
  5. iPad version 1.7. The output appears to be a slice of the panorama rather than the entire panorama. For simplicity of this example I have attached two jpegs I tried to merge and the output I received. I have successfully used the HDR merge in the past on the previous version.
  6. I have the same problem. TIFF files should open the Photo Studio rather than the Develop Studio.

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