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  1. Daniel204

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Hi @StuartRc This is amazing all images really heat to us. It is looking real the animal word.
  2. Daniel204

    Selection Brush Tool

    Thanks for the answer. It is the helpful answer to me.
  3. Daniel204

    Vector Cutting on Laser cutters

    Hi @Mark Thanks for sharing your information according to laser cutters. It's very crucial for us.
  4. Daniel204

    color picker and wrong color

    is that working as your suggestion and thank for the answer.
  5. Thanks for the answer, I have tried as your the answer. I solved it my problem.
  6. Hi @crabtrem You have shared the good and helpful information sure I will apply your crucial tips.
  7. Daniel204

    Click and AD goes to that layer automatically?

    Hi @MEB Thanks for your valuable time. It was helpful for us..!
  8. Daniel204

    Page width and height out of sync

    Hi @Matt B Thanks for sharing your affinity video according to document setup. sure it will helpful for me.
  9. Irresistible share affin.co link. It was the great experience with affin.
  10. Hi @dhayton, Irresistible image view, It's motivating to me and I learned new tricks from your tutorial.
  11. It was the great and congratulation for completing 100 affinity photo Video.
  12. Daniel204

    Smart Objects?

    Thanks for your valuable information. It will crucial for me.
  13. Hi @Scott, Thanks for sharing your Affinity Photo video it was tremendous for me.
  14. It was tremendous, Look as a stunning 3-D texture.
  15. Hi @acapstick I would like to thanks to you. You have shared crucial video sites links. It will beneficial for me