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  1. Daniel204

    Vehicle Interior Drawings

    In Affinity, There are sevaral options for creating the design. You can create the design as you desired Best Luck..!
  2. Daniel204

    Watermark to a Photo Batch

    Nice Information..! Thanks for sharing it. It will be beneficial for me
  3. Daniel204

    perspective live filter

    Hello! Best luck with your next step.
  4. Daniel204

    perspective live filter

    Hi, ianrb, It is looking stunning pic with original flower picture, You are the best creator Keep it up..!
  5. Daniel204

    Calendar 2019

    Thanks for sharing your first calendar card using affinity. It is looking stunning as u said electronics you need.
  6. I would like to answer the question please try it, it is definitely possible that the typeface Acherus Grotesque doesn't actually support Superscript/Subscript. When other applications encounter fonts that don't support these OpenType features, they oftentimes "fake it" by shrinking the font size and transforming the layer upwards or downwards. We don't do that. Also, currently Figma does not communicate through the UI when/if these features are available or not, so it may appear to "not work". It's definitely on our list of things we'd love to improve in the future, and as you already know, you got the eyes and ears of Dylan on it, so it's certainly on our radar! HTH!
  7. Daniel204

    Random Vector Brushes

    Thanks for sharing random vector brushes. It is crucial for me. keep it up
  8. Daniel204

    What tablet do I use

    Thanks for sharing the answer. You have shared some crucial tips to me. This answer is beneficial to me.
  9. Thanks for sharing the valuable information it will be informative to me. I would like to share about affinity software. It is very smooth for use and there are multiple options to create a new thing using the customized options.
  10. Daniel204

    Free Brushes

    Just I read this article It will be helpful to me and once again thanks for sharing your valuable information.
  11. Daniel204

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Thanks for your reply...!
  12. Daniel204

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Could you share the free 30-day fully-functional trial with deep information? I want to use that free trial
  13. Daniel204

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Hi @StuartRc This is amazing all images really heat to us. It is looking real the animal word.
  14. Daniel204

    Selection Brush Tool

    Thanks for the answer. It is the helpful answer to me.
  15. Daniel204

    color picker and wrong color

    is that working as your suggestion and thank for the answer.