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  1. Pixels. I am having no resolution issues so far so I don't see a need to switch. https://giphy.com/gifs/tJNuamoM78TjheUTk8 (something I quickly made)
  2. I went into the pixel persona in a 32x32 canvas. Then, when exporting, change the size to 1080x1080 and change it to Nearest Neighbor.
  3. I've been doing Nearest Neighbor and it is working fine. (1080x1080)
  4. Unfortunately, I just got Affinity and am new to all of this... Haha. Do you mean go to the Export Persona?
  5. Hello. I just got Affinity Designer when I ran into an issue. I was doing pixel art in a 32x32 file. Because I wanted this to be a rather big .gif, when the export menu popped up, I chose 1080x1080 instead of 32x32. However, the resolution was still bad. Really, I just want to scale up my pixel art to a 1080x1080 format without losing any resolution. If anybody could help, that'd be great. Thanks!
  6. MEB, Thank you for the solution. Worked well!
  7. Hello. I was importing some images to Affinity and noticed they decreased quality when I imported them into Affinity [Photo]...? The resolution of the image is 1920x1080 and my Affinity Photo canvas is 800x800. However, it still appears low quality, even after being scaled down by quite a bit. Is there any fix to this?
  8. Hello, World! I was wondering, what is the largest difference between the two Affinity programs, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer? Here's a rundown of what I do: GFX (Graphic Effects) UI Design Video Game Design (2D) Logo Design Special Effects Photo Editing While scrolling through the other forums, I saw that Designer was focused towards UI design and stuff of that sort. But then I found out what Photo does, and I realized I may need some of its features too. If I buy from Affinity, I want to get the best program to suit my needs. I am semi-professional when it comes to things on the list. I would enjoy a response, as I hope to upgrade from GIMP 2.10 soon! :) -Landon, (Steganographer)