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    Phil K. got a reaction from BobX in Pen Tool Delay in Designer   
    This app is a mess, LOL.
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    Phil K. reacted to Daishi in Apple Pencil lag when editing points in Affinity Designer   
    Hi. It’s been a while and the issue still exists with no news... Do you know when the lag issue will be addressed?
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    Phil K. reacted to cheaze in Apple Pencil lag when editing points in Affinity Designer   
    Any word on this @MEB?  It's been a long time of no updates to the app.  Is the app still being worked on?
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    Phil K. got a reaction from fabiogil in Move tool keeps transforming   
    At this stage of the game the issue has been occurring for at least 4 months, it might be necessary to leave a review on the AppStore for this app.  They claim the app to be a high quality precision vector application but they can’t even get a basic fundamental editing feature to work correctly.  Maybe a review might wake up Serif to this issue, but I’m not holding my breath.
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    Phil K. reacted to Creativeelc in Crashing when select more than one object   
    Please help! Its the third time my ipad has crashed - I selected 4 of the logos in the uploaded image to change the colour from grey to red. It froze as soon as i selected the red colour.
    ive had to redo this 3 times! 
    Thanks in advance :)

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    Phil K. reacted to chantellearnaiz in 2 pinch Zoom and Undo NOT working   
    I've had Affinity Designer for just over a week now and have so far been loving it. However, I am now experiencing bug issues and it is quite frustrating considering I am on a deadline. I am no longer able to use the Move tool or zoom in/ out using my 2 fingers. When I try to zoom in or out the document goes wild and will move random objects around or the document itself will go haywire (zooms way too much in, then randomly zooms so far out, then goes to the side) and I am unable to undo it. I am also unable to undo (2-finger touch) or redo. I was using it fine for 3-4 hours and then it randomly just started happening. 
    I have restarted/ done a hard reset on my iPad, updated it, everything. It seems to be the app. Please let me know ASAP. 
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    Phil K. reacted to Pauscorpi in Pen Tool Delay in Designer   
    Maybe related:

    Regarding having to zoom in a lot and not being to create close nodes - I experience same delays and similar precision issues in Photo (latest update) especially when I use the lasso tool for selections and try to add a new point or to make a small and precise curve/turn. It is impossible - the pencil needs to be dragged past a certain distance to register the change of direction or a new point close to a previous one.  Leading to issues with precision making line drawing selections. Scrolling down the following thread, I saw an interesting point about the active area around a corner/point being way too large since the app was mainly designed for (large?) finger input
    If this is the case, it is still quite a miss for an app aimed at design/creative professionals working with precision tools.
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    Phil K. reacted to NicolasB in [By Design] Bad handling of double-tap on new Apple Pencil   
    Got new iPad Pro 2018 with new Apple Pencil, and although the double-tap to switch between brush and eraser works fine, I'm facing an annoying behavior that I didn't experience with my older iPad Pro and Pencil:
    I always work from RAW so always start my workflow in the Develop persona, spending a few minutes clicking here and there to develop adequately before pushing the "Develop" button. This worked fine till now, but with the new Apple Pencil, if I inadvertently double-tap on the pencil while in the Develop persona, it switches me right away to the Photo persona with no questions asked, before I'm done developing!
    And, because there's no way to set the sensitivity of the double-tap in the Apple Pencil settings, this tends to happen to me unwillingly several times a day. So frustrating that I decided to completely turn off the double-tap behavior in the Apple Pencil settings, BUT... even then the problem keeps happening?!? Hopefully you can recreate and address in a near-future update because I don't know what to do
    Thanks in advance,
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    Phil K. reacted to DM1 in Move tool keeps transforming   
    Lol, yours is fixed,  now we just need Serif devs to add it to ours. 
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    Phil K. reacted to Willbilly in cannot select and move an object   
    Having the same issue. It is virtually unusable at the moment.
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    Phil K. reacted to fabiogil in Move tool keeps transforming   
    @DelicateGeniusI don’t like this solution... as a PRO tool, the app must be accurate. Simple as that.
    A solution as that for me is unacceptable...
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    Phil K. got a reaction from fabiogil in Move tool keeps transforming   
    So much for leaving an AppStore review.  Someone already did and the response was disappointing 

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    Phil K. got a reaction from Stefan Johnsson in cannot select and move an object   
    I never implied that the bug has been resolved.  Because the bug has not been resolved.  I stand by what I said
    "It should work consistently and smoothly.  They need to fix this issue."
    IF you disagree with what I've said that's one thing, but this is my (and other individuals reason for spending time bringing up this issue) single most major problem with this application. 
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    Phil K. got a reaction from Stefan Johnsson in cannot select and move an object   
    This is not an acceptable ‘solution’.  Selecting and moving objects should be about the easiest thing for a user to perform in a design application.  It should work consistently and smoothly.  They need to fix this issue.
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    Phil K. reacted to Dash in Move tool keeps transforming   
    Please, please, please address this, QA or developers! Zooming in is not a solution, it is a work around. Let me have another button under the Selection tool which just hides these knobs and completely prevents resizing. Why not? - People move objects at the very least as much as they resize, if not more; so having resize be prioritized just baffles my mind.
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    Phil K. reacted to Willbilly in Move tool keeps transforming   
    Having this issue as well. Basically unusable.
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    Phil K. reacted to Sulix in Move tool keeps transforming   
    Sorry, but this is just ridiculous. It‘s impossible to do serious work like that, since I keep resizing all the time, being required to do workarounds, slowing me drastically down. This issue hasn’t been fixed since months, nobody even cares to comment on this topic, yet it is such an obvious thing to implement. I really loved what Affinity did on the Mac, but their iPad app is just a mess. No nudge controls, entering manual values works half the time, duplication comes with a 1 sec delay, and and and...
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    Phil K. reacted to DM1 in Move tool keeps transforming   
    People have been reporting this issue since July. Still no solution. 
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    Phil K. reacted to SandraM in Move Tool selection does not work   
    Thank you! 
    I hope so much for a solution to the existing problems. I have also read the other tickets with the selection tool problems. It is for me one of the most important tools and should definitely work.
    If basic problems in the existing apps designer and photo are not fixed the users lose confidence in these apps.
    I have tried in this post to give the support everything to reproduce the problem on the basis of my AD file and to make the error description as clear as possible, so I hope for a quick solution .... please AD developer team
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    Phil K. reacted to DM1 in Designer v update fixes and fails   
    @Paul Mudditt Hi Paul, it’s frustrating to see multiple bugs reported and passed on to Developers. Unfortunately that seems to be the last we hear of them. The guys are obviously working hard to fix things but how hard would it be to assign a number to each fault and then list that fault number in a release note when the fault has been fixed.  Rant over. 
    I have my iPad set to local storage which results in some interesting outcomes. I will limit them to the current release.
    1. I cannot import Styles from any of Documents (Readdle app) folders but I can export Styles to Documents folders. This is my most used, go to app for managing files.
    2. I can import Styles from the Designers (icon on folder) folder in iCloud, however, I cannot Export Styles to that folder.
    3. I can export and import Styles in Dropbox or to any folder that I 'create' on ICloud (just cannot export to the Designer apps folder on iCloud.)
    4. I cannot import Styles from ANY folder accessed through 'on my iPad’ in Files. I CAN export Styles to these folders through 'on my iPad '.. Once saved I cannot import the saved Styles from 'on my iPad' folders.
    5. 1-4 above all apply to Brushes as well.
    6. I've added colour studio colour picker issue to my opening post. 
    Its a great app, just a shame that follow up actions by developers are so poorly communicated. It just seems like a wasted opportunity by Serif to reasure their customers that their issues are being addressed in a timely and professional manner.
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    Phil K. reacted to northwest.nina in Move tool keeps transforming   
    I have a 10.5 iPad Pro and my last update on Affinity Designer was Oct 20th. This issue seems to only get worse for me? It's counter intuitive to how I work and I swear I spend half of my time trying to select and move items only to accidentally resize and transform them just to hit undo and repeat over and over until it finally works. I REALLY need an option to JUST move an object when I want to move one, and a separate option to transform... or at least a way to disable transforming an object in the sub-menu for the move tool. This is driving me crazy and I've gone from thrilled to finally have Designer on my iPad to disappointed that it's still way faster to work on my computer with a Wacom tablet I really don't want to use anymore! 
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    Phil K. reacted to DM1 in cannot select and move an object   
    Worth noting too that the most recent release was simply a hotfix for the importing of Styles. No other fixes included according to mods here.
    Hopefully a release addressing the many other Issues reported by users will be released sooner rather than later. 
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    Phil K. reacted to edobarbosa in Apple Pencil: lack of point and touch accuracy   
    I love the Affinity Designer app for iPad and admire how well it was thought and developed however I have an issue that is preventing me from using it for professional work: the lack of accuracy in the Apple Pencil.
    This issue turns what it should be the simplest operation into the most nerve wrecking one: selecting stuff.
    I often struggle to select the node I want or simply move an object without distorting it because it selects and changes the bounding box of the objects.
    Sometimes there's even 1 (fat) finger distance between what I want to select and where I touch the tip of the apple pencil and still fails.
    I was wondering if this is something solvable and if I can have hope to use it at work soon, because, you know, tight deadlines are already testing enough for one's nerves
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    Phil K. got a reaction from anudeep in cannot select and move an object   
    It only allows a transform operation after selection
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    Phil K. reacted to Maciej in [Designer] App closes when i try to import...   
    I have the same problem with importing frankentoon's propaganda kit (exactly masks and textures). My iPad Air 2 crushes when i try import files from iCloud, Dropbox or another clouds. If there are some info about this problem? It's really frustrating that I bought something and can't use it.