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  1. The Boolean operator bugs is very frustrating, so I have to jump between vectornator & designer to do something that should be available in Affinity Designer
  2. I use Illustrator both desktop and on the iPad, the iPad version isn’t junk, it’s actually pretty decent given that it was released back in October. The boolean operators work consistently unlike Affinity Designers’ boolean bugs. selecting & moving items is easy and intuitive. I used to use Affinity Designer but just got tired of the random bugs in the app, and also grew tired of their lackluster response to fix these bugs. I use the Shapebuilder in Illustrator often enough to justify paying for a CC subscription.
  3. At this point, especially since Adobe Illustrator for iPad has the ShapeBuilder tool, I would suggest just buying Illustrator for iPad. Given the lack of response from Serif, it’s apparent that they are not interested in creating a ShapeBuilder tool for Designer. Maybe they will surprise us, who knows?
  4. It is a well known issue that has multiple posts on the forums of users complaining about the lack of precision when selecting objects as well as the inability to move objects once selected.
  5. This app is unusable until you fix the selection/move vs. transform issues.
  6. So much for leaving an AppStore review. Someone already did and the response was disappointing
  7. At this stage of the game the issue has been occurring for at least 4 months, it might be necessary to leave a review on the AppStore for this app. They claim the app to be a high quality precision vector application but they can’t even get a basic fundamental editing feature to work correctly. Maybe a review might wake up Serif to this issue, but I’m not holding my breath.
  8. It would definitely help if the area around the touch point were smaller, like really small. Even if I use my finger to attempt to select an object, it doesn’t register as a selection but instead periodically attempts to create a bounding box. The video below was taken while only using my finger. DD0E443C-D9A4-4123-A0E8-234D9A97AB51.MP4
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