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  1. The Selection bug has existed and has been reported since June 2018.
  2. Phil K.

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    This app is a mess, LOL.
  3. It is a well known issue that has multiple posts on the forums of users complaining about the lack of precision when selecting objects as well as the inability to move objects once selected.
  4. This app is unusable until you fix the selection/move vs. transform issues.
  5. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    So much for leaving an AppStore review. Someone already did and the response was disappointing
  6. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    At this stage of the game the issue has been occurring for at least 4 months, it might be necessary to leave a review on the AppStore for this app. They claim the app to be a high quality precision vector application but they can’t even get a basic fundamental editing feature to work correctly. Maybe a review might wake up Serif to this issue, but I’m not holding my breath.
  7. Phil K.

    cannot select and move an object

    It would definitely help if the area around the touch point were smaller, like really small. Even if I use my finger to attempt to select an object, it doesn’t register as a selection but instead periodically attempts to create a bounding box. The video below was taken while only using my finger. DD0E443C-D9A4-4123-A0E8-234D9A97AB51.MP4
  8. Phil K.

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Still isn’t fixed in 2CC9776D-81A8-423F-A251-B5598B3A4B1F.MP4
  9. doesn’t help with selecting an object. That is an aspect ratio / scaling setting
  10. Phil K.

    Issue with moving a straight line

  11. And again, read my post. If this is a workaround that you feel comfortable with then that's fine. It's not an ideal or even practical workaround for me and others. If you disagree that's entirely up to you. I paid for the app and others have also paid for the app so I don't think that it is out of order for people to voice their frustrations with using the app.
  12. Phil K.

    cannot select and move an object

    I never implied that the bug has been resolved. Because the bug has not been resolved. I stand by what I said "It should work consistently and smoothly. They need to fix this issue." IF you disagree with what I've said that's one thing, but this is my (and other individuals reason for spending time bringing up this issue) single most major problem with this application.
  13. going through steps 1-4 that I described isn’t a workable ‘workaround’ to this problem. Having to unselect an item before moving it is NOT a good workaround to the problem.
  14. Here’s why I say this is not a solution The item has to be in an unselected state initially If you move the item it changes to a transform state. Any tap actions on the item in this state will transform the object. After you move the item you have to unselect it to change it from transform state to the unselected state then attempt to move it again. Repeat 1-4. ad nauseum. If I want to move the same item again, I shouldn’t have to deselect the item first before attempting to move it. If I do not deselect the item after the first move, when I attempt to move the item a second time it will transform instead of moving the item (since it is already in the selected state which favors transforming over moving) Here’s what should happen: select the item move the item to a new position. or transform the item using the handles. unselect the item. The Graphic app selection/move workflow is smooth and seamless. You don’t have to worry about whether the item is currently selected or not just to move it. In the attached video of Graphic you can see that you can move an item by selecting the item and moving it, or you can transform the item by using the handles. Even if the item is currently selected you can move the item without transforming it since the only way to transform the item is by using the handles. 09A99EA0-83D3-4A26-90FB-8325ED3CDEF8.MOV