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  1. In Illustrator, you can, for example, alt-drag any object to copy it to a new location, then if you hit CMD-D, a new copy will be placed and moved the same distance. Keep hitting CMD-D to continue. Imagine copying and rotating one triangle all around a circle to create a sun.
  2. They haven't promised it for version 2.0 and it's not listed under new features.
  3. I don’t know about other designers, but I don’t have the time to wait “a few seconds” in a drawing application.
  4. What on earth? That's probably one of the most cumbersome ways of copying a path I've ever seen! Adobe Illustrator: arrow tool, click and drag over anchor points you want to copy. ctrl-c, ctrl-v Affinity Designer: use one tool to draw the correct number of points, whilst making sure the line has the same attributes as the one you wish to copy, use another tool to click and drag each and every point onto the other path. Success? Fail. It seems that Affinity Designer is not built by designers for designers at all. Very disappointing.
  5. Joining two paths in the competitor. This action is very tedious in Affinity Designer still after years of asking for something better. Upper: draw from open path Lower: select two anchor points, either overlapping or apart, then CMD-J Screen Recording 2021-08-11 at 13.34.11.mov
  6. It's most definitely a hurdle if I need twice the amount of steps than with the competitor. I cannot achieve this incredibly simple task in the amount of steps I wrote.
  7. That I can't simply delete a path between two anchor points just like in Adobe Illustrator is infuriating at best. Why is there even both a pen and node tool? It should be the same tool.
  8. This is what I want to do: Select the Ellipse tool Draw a circle With the pen tool, click on a curve between two anchor points Then be able to edit or delete that path by that anchor point Selecting the node tool instead of the pen tool is a hurdle. Having to convert the circle to a curve first is another hurdle. Every time I get back into Affinity Designer with a positive attitude I just get disappointed with how awful the UI and UX is for modifying objects and drawing paths! Please take cues from that big monopoly (which name we shall not speak)!
  9. I can't believe we're still having this conversation one year later. I don't know how much Adobe has patented their tools, but simple feature like this, and the pen tool in Designer, should be closer to how the Adobe counterparts work. Not only because people are familiar with them, but because their implementations are, in fact, easier to use.
  10. I used the marquee tool (M) to select a portion of the image, then Move Tool (V) to drag the selected area. I expect that when holding ALT/option, I'll drag a copy of the selection, leaving the original behind. I'd also like that if you used the arrow keys while holding down ALT/option, I'll create continuous copies of the selection. Preferable for pixel art or just repeat a copy. In Photoshop, I can also hold down Shift to copy the selection 10 pixels at a time.
  11. If Affinity allowed to just draw from last point, this wouldn't be an issue. Do developers read the forums, or do I submit feedback somewhere else? Thank you or your tips though, at least I can go through with it. I'm a bit disappointed, though, as this means that I'd be much faster in Adobe Illustrator, which I'm trying to get away from.
  12. Thank you for the tip! Is this the only solution, though? Choosing "join curves" every time is a really cumbersome. Can't I in some way just continue an already drawn path?
  13. That doesn't seem to work for me. I just end up with a new path which start and end anchor points lie in the same points as the other paths.
  14. Hello, I want to migrate from Adobe Illustrator, but fail to find how to do basic pen actions. I'm looking for how to join two existing paths while drawing a new path between two anchor points. How do I achieve the same effects as attached video? Thank you in advance Screen Recording 2020-03-15 at 16.47.04.mov
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