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  1. I posted this question on the desktop forum BUT I also use (and prefer) my ipad pro ; Are there any users that know which icc colour profile is best when saving or printing an image on ART paper for a Pixma Pro-100 printer ? I am getting faded results with the default. There doesn’t seem to be any Canon drivers for Serif products? extra info ; I am using a cold press A3 250gms - 115lb paper. Fingers crossed,
  2. Are any other Mac AD users printed on any thick art papers (eg. 250gms -115lb) using a pixma pro-100? I have been getting faded results using the default settings. (CMYK Colour profile U.S Web Coated (SWOP)v2 ) I hate to write this but there is an ICC Canon list when using PS (aahh it burns). Maybe there is there is another one in the selection menu that I could select to have best results other than the default one? Testing each one will clearly empty my ink cartridges so asking may safe me tons of time and costs. Fingers crossed,
  3. It would be very practical if I could ‘set as default’ my custom (or any) brush set. When you have a long list of brush sets and are constantly switching between Designer and Pixel mode it can become a daunting task having to reselect a specific preferred set every-time. It would really speed things up and help know what brush is currently being used at the same time. Two birds one stone. thanks
  4. No problem Dan. I tried to find a way to make it function. The only thing that seems to be working is using the selection tool and clicking on a white space (deselecting everything). Then holding down the save for 2+ seconds. Simply tap selecting it won’t work. (maybe I am to oldschool in my way about constantly hitting save, ha)
  5. Selecting save in the drop down menu (see image attached) It’s very random in it’s function...most times it simply doesn’t do anything.
  6. Hello group, anyone else have issue with simply saving a document while it is OPEN when selecting save in the drop down menu? It simply doesn’t which causes me to loss work when it crashes (which it seems to do more frequently since 1.7 update on my ipad) Previously I would deselect any layer, click the selection tool then (and only then would ) I be would able to actually save with the document currently open. The other option was exiting the doc then reopening it (slow..) . Maybe I am missing something that I should know about? Thanks
  7. Hi, Something that I find slows down my production is having to reselect my custom brush set (or currently used) brush set every-time I switch from designer or pixel panel. Can it come back to the last brush set used please? Having the possibility to choose our own default set we would be practical too. Thanks.
  8. I made a copy of the Slanted Ink Pen (in app ADi brush) and changed the size variance. @carl123 : The brush image doesn’t look the same on the iPad? My pressure curves are not flat either. Here is a screen grab of what is displayed; When I get back from work I will exporting the work that has already been done, flattened, into an new blank canvas and continue from there. Hopefully the area 51 (that’s hilarious btw) won’t be a reoccurring issue. Maybe it’s a corrupted file from importing it from ADm? (I will also avoid drawing any triangles where lines may start disappearing mysteriously.. ) Thank you all for looking into this
  9. @GabrielM : Here it is. (Note: the file came from ADm but the curves I drew where created in ADi) Thank you for looking into this , it is very much appreciated PaigeSelection_Bug.afdesign Selection_Bug_1.afdesign
  10. @A_B_C ,wow! So practical!! The video shows blue dots where I am trying to select with my pencil, but other curves end up being selected. This happens on all my files. When I create a new canvas and apply a few stokes to test this issue it will work fine? Note: My work files originated from designer on my Mac. 48751E82-F38A-47F0-A78A-17FB8F75A7EC.MOV
  11. @GabrielM : Zooming in doesn’t work either. Q: I’ve never recorded my screen..is there an app/function for iPad that is installed for that?? Thanks
  12. Hi group, is there a way to adjust the accuracy when trying to select vector curves with my Apple pen? It is making adjusting my vector lines and points a living hell. It selects curves that are not even close to the one I want to select. I used to make this easier by switching to line view but this solution doesn’t work with iPad designer. Maybe this is a bug? Not sure.. Thanks ✌️
  13. Problem solved. The Apple store let me swap my iMac for an iPad Pro because it was only a few weeks old. Designer on the iPad is so awesome!! @R C-R you recommended open from iCloud; because it is like file sharing that way? Or is there another reason?
  14. @Dan C. SOLD!! I hope Affinity decides to gives us long time AP and AD users an extended limited time offer. Thanks for the re-assurance.
  15. Hello, I'm concerned about the workflow between the iPad designer and iMac designer. If I began a project on my iMac then open in it on the iPad version will I possibly end up with a corrupt file from constantly swapping back and forth? I haven't seen any threads or mentions about this and would like to be assured before purchasing and iPad. Which brings me to a second question that I haven't seen a solution to yet: How can we pre-purchase the iPad designer app? Thanks, Paige
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