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  1. Hi all, i pretty much use Affinity to touch up my Holiday photos. And to fix some olds ones. I use the Mac version. My questions mainly relate to metadata. Can i add metadata to multiple photos at once..things like Country/City photo taken in and does Affinity have the ability to GeoTag my photos? (if it cant, best program to do this that is compatible with Affinity). Also in my efforts to find answers to my questions i came across a lot of talk about DAM. What is this and can it be explained to me in dummies terms please. Most of my googling of this subject turned up big concrete walls with water. Thanks in Advance Andrew
  2. Thank You. So what the colour is telling me is I'm overexposing, over brightening etc? Would that be the way to look at it?
  3. Hi, i have taken a few RAW images and open them up in Affinity Develop Persona. When i go to do some basic editing my photos tend to turn a bright red/yellow when sliding most things to the right. Eg Exposure and brightening. Is this normal for most images or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance Andrew
  4. Thank you very much, now to go and find my holiday snaps
  5. I see travel photos in this style a lot and really like the look. The question..is this something that can been done on Affinity? If so how Thanks in Advance Andrew
  6. Hello all, I have a lot of photos like this one. I have played around with it a bit but can't seem to get it right...maybe it's already as good as it's going to get. Anyway I would love others to have atry and let me know what you did. Thanks in Advance Andrew
  7. It's ok, I solved my own problem. Like all budding technicians, I did the only solution I knew. Turn the computer on/off.
  8. Hi all, new here. Just bought Affinity Photo and also purchased the Work Book. In chapter 2 following the Lumsdale Falls tutorial, the last thing to do is save file as TIFF-RGB 16 bit file. I export but when i go to save i get an error. An error occurred while exporting to: /Users/myname/Documents/photo_core_skills/lumsdale_falls/Lumsdale_Raw.tiff The file could not be created. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks
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