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  1. Hi @GabrielM, Thank you for your return, but I would recommend you to take a look at the other topics that many people are mad about this issue. It's not about a file, but with any file. so it's an app's bug. And we still do not have any official answer from Affinity about that. It's sad!
  2. @GabrielM We have more at least 2 topics mentioning this issue and after more than 5 months, nothing was done about it. It’s quite frustrating and many people including me are not using the app due to this issue that makes it impossible to work seriously on it. Please moderators, don’t abandon the community of supporters.
  3. @DelicateGeniusI don’t like this solution... as a PRO tool, the app must be accurate. Simple as that. A solution as that for me is unacceptable...
  4. After the last update 18/11/2018 it seems to be improved, but not completely solved. Still transforms accidentally. by comparison I tested the behavior using the app Graphic and the experience is much better. And they don’t standardize the app as a PRO tool. So AD for iPad is now on my opinion below of the line of amateur app. I really recommend the Affinity devs to test the competitor Graphic for IPad.
  5. @Chris B I figured out that the problem is because they have designed the app to be used using fingers. Which is great! But when using the apple pen the experience is awkward and give the frustrating impression of lack of accuracy. the app needs to be smart in recognizing if the touch is being given with a finger or a precision tool (apple pen), what doesn’t happens now. I’ve measured the “sensitive-active area” of the Hot corners of the object. Here what I’ve found: Any touch point inside of the circles areas will transform the object. That’s why it’s so difficult to move an object if it’s already selected. The space you have to move it is easily mistakable by the huge active corners areas. I would reduce the active area of the corners in 85% then we will see accuracy using a precision tool again.
  6. The same here guys, it's simply annoying, I've stopped using AD on ipad till they correct it. Sadly
  7. Here the same, guys. Even after the second update It's a completely frustrating experience. It pissed me off, I'm simply not using AD on Ipad anymore till they fix it... :(((( Sad feedback, but real...
  8. I’ve started trying Affinity Designer with Astropad Standard today on my macbook pro 13 2017 + ipad pro 9,7”. And it’s been amazing! I was try to get used with Autodesk Graphic, that is pretty reliable and precise on iOs. So my expectation using Astropad was very high! But it was Really easy to set up the workspace. I was afraid about the 9,7” be too small for such use... but definitely it’s pretty good! I’m very surprised with so fluid workflow. Almost zero lagging! I worked around 3 hours on a logo design project. And zero problems at all, no crashes, no bugs... better than this just... AD for iOs... looking forward!
  9. It's happening with any file (blanc new, big, small...) Should I uninstall AD and reinstal it again? tks
  10. Hi Guys using AD 1.5.1 on Sierra. Every single time I click on styles or effects tab (right panel UI) the AD freezes and I need to restart it... :/ It was occurring on 1.5.0 I thought I was be fixed on 1.5.1, but, don't :(
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for all attention. I downloaded the beta, and yes, my issue is fixed !! I'm waiting the official update ! Thanks guys, TOP !
  12. Hi Dave Harris, I didn't saw your post. Where can i download the (1.0.21212) version ? I thougth the upade will came by applestore updates tab... I have the paid version, how i update my installed product ? tks
  13. Thank you for the feedback ! Waiting the update...
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