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  1. Hello there, I managed to install new fonts but I couldn't fully understand using font families in correct way. I want to use both light version and semibold version of the mentioned font but i can only use regular size or bold one. Is it possible to use different members of the family? Edit: Sorry about the question, i read all replies now and guess it is already asked. Is it still unusable? Edit #2: The new update have this feature now, thanks dev team! You can now choose between font faces within families.
  2. alanoctua

    first iPad impressions

    Hello, I really am amazed by how far you got function wise in iPad, it feels like a desktop app, but is it compatible with wireless keyboards, or smart keyboard case? If not, when will it can be added to app? I believe keyboard shortcuts are as essential as apple pencil support.
  3. alanoctua

    Does not work on Ipad pro

    Oh, so that was the main problem, the language! Didn't think that would be the main reason. (Altough there weren't any texts in menu, like Tutorials or Samples, before i change the language) Thanks for the solution, but I hope you would fix that bug, I like using OS in my native language. I was really expecting this app since you mentioned and gave up eventually, but when I see you at stage I shocked.

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