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  1. very bad function yet, lots have been asking to keep it saved for good, but you have to set it over and over again each single time you re open a document. super annoying and makes no sense at all.
  2. thanks! this actually helped but it is a walk around, so I would definitely suggest to add this as a native feature, not to have all the cons of this methods!
  3. I cannot send you the actual file (which is not this elephant), since it is for a work, but resizing does not work, since it messes up many proportion unfortunately. I am sure there is a way because I have done it with other softwares time ago, but here I cannot find a way, and it is VERY strange.... you can anyway try with whatever irregular shape you want, it just have to work
  4. If you look this image, what I need is to get that red line at least few millimetres from the external border
  5. I saw that but I can't achieve that with the iPad, even though I found the appearance panel
  6. this is exactly what I need, but with the iPad I cannot achieve that... any suggestion?
  7. thank you anyway, but unfortunately this is not what I need to get, since I need something like the Alfred's reply shows!
  8. this is a question for the IPAD version: let's say I have an irregular shape (black in the example image attached) and I want tog et an inner line that follows in a perfectly equally distanced way the outer line (like the red Lin in the same image), how can I obtain that? (must be simple but for some reason I am not getting it in designer iPad) thank you!
  9. very sad. I am a BIG fan of Serif, I also bought their book to support, but it feels like they are letting it go, without releasing simple but important updates...
  10. I read already years ago that this was planned to come, is there any news about this? If there is, I can't find it, if there isn't, please add it ASAP, as it is a time saving killer feature. Thus, I noticed that when dividing shapes with Affinity Designer iPad, the shapes get a thin invisible space in-between them, which is weird, why that, do I do something wrong? thank you all for the help
  11. Old topic, same request, is it now possible?
  12. Hello, unfortunately it crashes also if I try to copy it, and yes, both crashes, but the second is just a copy of the first after it crashed.
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