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  1. I hope it's true, however, I was not hoping for promises, more like a feedback that posts are read, so one knows it's not a total waste of time to use this section. Hopefully they will fix and implement some of these things, I am being forced to switch to illustrators many times lately for the biggest projects, as it has some killing features, and honestly, I do not like to use illustrator if I can, I would like to stick to Affinity as much as possible.
  2. Is there any reason why we should post in this section if we get no feedbacks from the developers? Is there a way to know if our messages are just a placebo effect void, or you actually read them?
  3. It would be great id any Moderator and/or Developer would drop a line here to say anything about hopes regarding these options.
  4. Dear developers, I have been using Affinity Designer for a while now, and I find it great, but it has some major flaws that make it sometimes very hard to use or, worse, made it necessary to swap back to illustrator (which is great but way worse organized than affinity, and it has the awful subscription service). By adding and/or fixing these few things (most of which very easy I am sure), Affinity Ipad would be most definitely, and by far the best out there. In order of importance: 1) FIX BOOLEAN OPERATIONS: these simply works badly, especially the divide tools, which creates hundreds of useless curves and nodes, and empty lines between divided shapes. 1 "part 2") SHAPE CREATOR: this is a killing feature that illustrator has, and it is missing here, please add it, it makes work flow sometimes SO MUCH EASIER and faster. 2) SNAPPING TOOL/MAGNET: not working well, way too many options to adjust it, but still not precise when it comes to snap shapes and curves (as I have shown in the other forum section). 3) FREE TRANSFORM/PERSPECTIVE VECTOR SHAPES & CURVES: just like this. 4) AUTO SMOOTH CURVES TOOL: this is useful when it comes to quickly reduce unnecessary nodes in shapes, and simplify/make lighter the working process. 5) CREATE PATTERN/REPEAT TOOL: this is extremely useful when it comes to create patterns, not sure why it is missing. 6) TEXT CORRECTOR: please ADD the option to keep in UNCHECKED, or AT LEAST fix it, it keeps underlining correct words, it is an PLEASE REALLY CONSIDER THESE POINTS, as I really think these would be loved by the whole community here.
  5. I have done it, and I have tried again but nothing, anyway, I gave up by doing it in a different way, bu it is a major flaw in my opinion. This one and boolean operations are too faulty, in affinity designer iPad at least.
  6. I have made exactly like you now but still not working...
  7. these are shapes, but even if I transform them in curves it just doesn't work, an it has been like this forever, not just this time... done already, among other hundreds different combinations, nothing changes...
  8. I am probably very stupid this time, but it has been ages since I am having this issue with affinity designer iPad, and I have tried everything inside the snapping options, but I can't sort this out... how can I fix this crazy thing? thank you! RPReplay_Final1612541645_2.mov
  9. as per the title, please make it permanent the check/uncheck box selection in the text corrector (iPad app), it is a useless stress to have to uncheck it every time, especially because it signals as error correct words 99% of the times.
  10. thanks for the reply, keep in ,ind that this should be a priority, since is almost app-breaking and it is sad, since the app is great otherwise
  11. I mean, in illustrator this operation is as simple as it should be, and it is super useful to create shapes in seconds! I doubt a Company like Affinity (which I love) isn't able to fix this, this is why is extremely weird they still didn't do it! (plus the infamous issue of the eternal typos corrector which corrects random right words, and it is impossible to save the setting that uncheck it)
  12. I know this has been an issue since ages, is there any plan to fix boolean operations? Especially the "divide" one, which is basically UNUSABLE with curves lines, since it creates thousands unwanted and work -breaking lines levels.
  13. very bad function yet, lots have been asking to keep it saved for good, but you have to set it over and over again each single time you re open a document. super annoying and makes no sense at all.
  14. thanks! this actually helped but it is a walk around, so I would definitely suggest to add this as a native feature, not to have all the cons of this methods!
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