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  1. Old Bruce, Got it! That makes sense. Regarding CW & CCW, does one use – or + degree settings, in the "R" field, to rotate CW or CCW? thanks, lettergothic
  2. Thanks, Walt. I used the Transform Panel as that seemed best for a .5 deg. move. Is the top left button on the little tic tac toe diagram for CCW and the top right for CW? The directions in the help file aren't clear to me on this point. Thanks, lettergothic
  3. I need to rotate a document .5 degrees in order to straighten a vertical edge of a picture of a magazine page. In photoshop, i just do image rotation>free> .5 degrees CCW and hit go. I cannot find a "free rotate" command in Af Photo. How is this done in photo? Thanks, as always. lettergothic
  4. I'm zoomed in to do a magnetic pixel selection. When I reach the edge of the window, I want to scroll the screen to continue the selection path but whatever I do to scroll the screen causes the selection to drop.The only thing that "seems" to work is the navigator panel. Are there any other ways move around the view of my zoomed object to complete the selection? Wouldn't "pushing" against the edge of the window with cursor/tool would be an intuitive way to do this? Thanks, lettergothic
  5. Posted December 17, 2018 "And to make it clear: optical kerning is not available in Publisher. It may be added later, but not yet in release version." There's no manual kerning in Publisher?!! I hope that I misread the meaning of the post. lettergothic
  6. Thanks. I understand the meaning of "merge". In the panel, the only choices that I can find, after adjusting the channels, are "merge", "delete" and "reset". Where's the "okay" button, to accept changes? thanks, lettergothic
  7. When adjusting R,G&B channels in Levels panel, how does one toggle a preview on & off (original / new) to confirm/adjust my changes (like "preview" in the Photoshop Levels panel? "merge" is the same as "okay"? thanks, lettergothic
  8. MEB; Dclone2, Thanks! lettergothic
  9. Hi Carl123, What video? There's no link in your "see this video" response. thanks, lettergothic
  10. lettergothic

    cutting out

    Thanks for responding, firstdefence. I don''t want to distort the image; I just want to cut out the rectangular album cover. No matter how I drag the the mesh tool node, or node handles, it just distorts the whole image—b.g. included. thanks, lettergothic
  11. I want to outline this album image (delete the fabric around the edge) and I can't seem to do it. I tried the wand at all kinds tolerances . . . I tried the flood selection brush at all kinds of sizes . . . Either it takes too much or not enough. "Add" or "Subtract" seems to add too much or subtract too much. "Snap to edge" is checked but it doesn't seem to snap to the edge. I understand about contiguity (I think...) and have experimented with that as well. Can someone tell me the steps necessary to cleanly cut out this image? thanks, lettergothic
  12. Well, bummer. I was doing this in Freehand 20+ years ago. Thanks for replying and thanks for the link. lettergothic
  13. Well, bummer on no way to do this in Affinity. I was doing this in Freehand 20+ years ago.
  14. I want to export a transparent PNG as a scalable vector EPS. The image is an 1800’s b+w line-cut (not grayscale) of some machine from an old encyclopedia. 1) I converted the original JPG into a transparent PNG. 2) When attempting to export PNG as an EPS, the export dialog says the “some areas will be rasterized”. 3) If I go into “more”, in the export dialog, and select “rasterize: nothing”, the resulting file is a weird grey object on a black ground that opens as a PDF and is not scalable. –there’s only 1 layer –there’re are no layer adjustments and no layer effects applied. How do I export the PNG as a scalable, B+W vector EPS? thanks, lettergothic