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  1. WOW! Good to know! What's the xtension? Thanks, lettergothic
  2. I sure hope that APublisher will open Quark files too. I, and a lot of other people, need that functionality. Quark (2017) converts CS/CC Id, Ai, Ps MS Office and PDF's into native Quark documents. The only shortcoming that I've encountered is that the conversion will only do one pg/sprd at a time—no multi-page files. I'm told that multi-page functionality is coming. lettergothic
  3. Even tho it's been voiced many times before on this forum, including by myself, a seamless, Apub import capability is also needed for Quark files.
  4. Well, I'm a Quark 2017 user and and I'm happy to chime in! I've used Quark for my full-time graphic design business for over 30 years, since QXP 3. I started with QXP long before Id existed. At the university, the dept. supplies CC to the students so that's what they use and what I teach/help them with and demo with. So, I know both. Both Id and QXP have some good features and some less-well implemented "features" but, on the whole, I much prefer to use QXP and do, for all my professional work. I'm also a Freehand refugee. It was a dark day when Adobe bought Macromedia stuck us with the clunky, buggy and vastly inferior Ai. Don't get me started about that! That equation is far less balanced than Id/QXP tradeoffs. I've never really had any issues, in QXP, with imported Wd files. Of course, Wd is terrible software to begin with and add to that clients don't know how to use it "properly" This results in terrible, junky files which require fixing. So, I agree that, in most cases, it's easier and better to strip Wd formatting and rebuild it in QXP. Since QXP 2016, QXP has been able to convert items from Illustrator, inDesign, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Excel, WMf and EPS files to native QXP objects. My experience with this feature has been great but some have reported some issues. For me, layouts have opened in QXP—as a completely editable QXP doc—that is identical to the Ai or Id source file. This feature does not yet work with multipage, linked documents. It's one page/one spread at a time.Bummer. But I would guess that that capability is coming. Earlier this year, Quark released a stable public beta of an IDML import/convert-to-editable-QXP-document feature. Adobe software is buggy, clunky and bloated and I'm not interested in being financially extorted by Adobe. A monopoly in a market is not conducive to innovation. So, I'm excited about the prospect of an alternative suite of professional design tools. But, the ability of AfP (is that the correct acronym?) to import QXP, Ai and Id files is an absolute requirement for me if I am to switch to Af. Exporting in native format is not as critical for me as all of my printers want PDF files for printing. lettergothic
  5. I'm sure that this is pretty common knowledge but, just in case : "You can copy objects from many other applications and paste them into QuarkXPress as native QuarkXPress items, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Apple Pages. And yes, you can successfully convert an entire InDesign page to QuarkXPress." This is quoted from "Quarkxpress 2017 for Dummies" I haven't tested this exhaustively—at all—but I have imported & converted Id, Ai and ms wd docs to native QXP files. My conversions were perfect with all formatting intact and no odd, random characters, funny spaces or surplus boxes—but now the files were native QXP files. I prefer QXP to Id for my prof. work although, at the university, I teach/help my GD students the CC apps. As I've stated before, I export all my print work to PDF as that's what the printers want and, it's easier for me. As such, again, for me, it's the ability of Apub to successfully open QXP, Id, Ai, PDF, word, etc. files. As long as I can export from Af apps to PDF, I'm good. lettergothic
  6. All of my printers strongly prefer to receive PDF files. For a long time now, I haven't sent native QXP, InDes or Ai files to print. Also, while I don't know the name of the application, all of my printers—going back years—have told me that they have software that they use to open PDF files and make whatever changes, repairs or adjustments are necessary. So, good news! That said, I use QXP almost exclusively for multi-page stuff and I would really like a seamless, format-retaining way to import linked, multi-paged QXP 17 files into AfP. Then I'll export AfP as a PDF for print. lettergothic
  7. It *is* absolutely necessary for professional designers. A page grid, as shown by 3joern is so fundamental that it's hard to understand how this was not recognized and "baked in".
  8. Ever since I got my first Mac back in 1987, I can't recall getting ever getting even one single file from a client that was *not* an MS Word file. Word files are ALL that one gets from clients. As such, it seems to me that to be able to open / import / convert / work with Word files in Apu should be of primary importance rather than being "on our . . .roadmap". Also, the ability to seamlessly open / convert legacy documents from InDes. and QXP in Apu is very important and, it would seem to me, would only hasten the conversion of potential customers. thanks
  9. I second the absolute need to import/open/convert InDes. and QXP files in Apu. I use Quark 2017 *much* more than InDes. thanks
  10. owenr, Fabulous! That's what I'm looking for. It's clear that you can do it. I followed the directions that you sent as best I could. When I couldn't get it to work, I screwed around with it a bunch—also to no avail. So, i'm not sure what else to try. Maybe you could list the steps—if they're any different that what you've already said . . . thanks again, lettergothic
  11. hey owenr, Thanks for responding. I've attached the PNG smudge file. I'm not using it in a project. It's just a random texture file that I chose in order to teach myself (HA!) how to change the color in Af. It's kind of seeming to me that such a common graphic designer task as this shouldn't be this hard to accomplish. Over the years, I've done this more times than I can count, just not in Af Photo or Designer. Speaking of Af Designer, can the desired effect be accomplished in Designer as well? Thanks again, lettergothic
  12. Thanks, owenr. I appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I still can't get it to work. I went to Document > Colour Format > RGB (16 bit). I went to Layer Effects and chose Color Overlay, selected a model and then a color. I tried RGB, CMYK and PMS. The swatch(es) is/are in the color panel and show(s) as the fill color. The PNG smudge object is selected but refuses to be anything but black. thanks, lettergothic
  13. Hi, I have the same problem as Alex_m and I can't get it to work at all—in Photo (or in Designer, for that matter). My image is a trans. PNG of an ink smudge texture, rather than smoke. I want to make it a color, instead of grayscale. No matter what I do—like adding an fx "color overlay" layer, Re: owenr"s suggestion—all i get are greyscale sliders—and no option (that I can find) to change the black to a color. Despite the sentiment that "it's not complicated at all", it's apparently too complicated for me. Perhaps someone could list for me the steps involved in this process so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong? thanks, lettergothic
  14. haakoo, Thanks very much for responding. lettergothic
  15. toltec, Thanks very much for responding and for including screen-shots. lettergothic