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  1. northwest.nina

    Move tool keeps transforming

    I have a 10.5 iPad Pro and my last update on Affinity Designer was Oct 20th. This issue seems to only get worse for me? It's counter intuitive to how I work and I swear I spend half of my time trying to select and move items only to accidentally resize and transform them just to hit undo and repeat over and over until it finally works. I REALLY need an option to JUST move an object when I want to move one, and a separate option to transform... or at least a way to disable transforming an object in the sub-menu for the move tool. This is driving me crazy and I've gone from thrilled to finally have Designer on my iPad to disappointed that it's still way faster to work on my computer with a Wacom tablet I really don't want to use anymore!
  2. northwest.nina

    Saving to Google Drive not working

    Has this been resolved? I just got an iPad Pro with the whole premise that I could go back and forth between drawing on my iPad in Affinity Photo and editing on my Macbook... I can't seem to share any files between my two Affinity Photo applications. I will not and do not use iCloud. Dropbox is greyed out and isn't an option for me for some reason. I really need to be able to sync files between my iPad and Macbook without having to change file formats. On top of this 50% of the time that I try to "Save a Copy" Affinity freezes and crashes.