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  1. Willbilly

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Having this issue as well. Basically unusable.
  2. Willbilly

    cannot select and move an object

    Having the same issue. It is virtually unusable at the moment.
  3. I experience this as well, but in Designer.
  4. Willbilly

    Quick key for "Replace Image"

    Fantastic, Thanks to you both!
  5. Loving this Beta so far! Question, though: Is there a quick key for "replace image" like "command + D" in InDesign? After laying out a grid of 50 picture frame placeholders on a single document, I am having to replace each frame with a different image. A hot key would make this process much faster.
  6. Thank you for the welcome and loving the Affinity suite so far! (have Photo and Designer)! Thank you for the explanation and I apologize, but what I meant to ask is: Is there a way to adjust the size of multiple picture frames so they are all equal size. In other words, is it possible to select multiple picture frames and input width and height adjustments? Although having typed this I just realized that an option would be to set guides, turn on snap, and place all the images to the guides and then they would all be equal size and free for me to adjust as needed using the corner handle (like you suggested)
  7. I'd like to second this request. I am a fine artist and make "collage" poster prints of all the pieces in a series. The ability to place multiple images in a grid format would help me immensely. OR Is there currently a way to adjust (specifically resize) multiple image frames at the same time?