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    Move tool keeps transforming

    Please, please, please address this, QA or developers! Zooming in is not a solution, it is a work around. Let me have another button under the Selection tool which just hides these knobs and completely prevents resizing. Why not? - People move objects at the very least as much as they resize, if not more; so having resize be prioritized just baffles my mind.
  2. I'm an avid supporter and influencer in my design circle. Recommending the Affinity Suite for iPad without hesitation and with much love. Yet, when one of my peers purchased the Mac edition, we were both disappointed, and I obviously so a little embarrassed when we tried to collaborate on a piece exported as the much appreciated HEIC-format. It appears the Mac version of Affinity Photo neglects such an important file-format. I love the incredible support the application has on iPad, but it seems kind of dead in terms of responsiveness and willingness from the Serif team to cater to the Mac platform. - What gives?
  3. WARNING: Do NOT just hit save on projects hoping they will be safe in your Files app under “On my iPad”, they will also be deleted. Move them out of that folder and into a iCloud-based directory, otherwise you’ll bite the same lime I did.
  4. Absolutely. I'd like to add that this happens sometimes, as such, I wish I could more consistently reproduce this.
  5. I concur, right now I lost about 2 hours of work on a 5K image as I ran out of storage without being notified of it. I noticed that after months of usage and only one open project, the application sits at 60GB of claimed space. After moving everything off of the iPad, it just doesn't clear it. This essentially has made my iPad unusable. Reinstalling will have to be done, I guess.
  6. Quite often when I start sliding my finger / pencil on the X / Y axis in the transform studio, the app has a habit to creating a new history entry for every pixel I move the object, meaning that about 1000 entries are made from just swiping an element 1000px to the left. This messes up And overwrites my history and the undo button essentially becomes useless as tapping it just undos 1px movement out of 1000px.
  7. Purchased the application a few days back for my new iPad Pro and I LOVE IT. It replaces all the apps Adobe offers on the App Store and makes me feel at home. As an Adobe Creative Cloud user, one litte thing a feel is missing from Affinity Photo is the on-canvas rulers but more importantly when adding guides to be able to select percentages as a measurement. E.g when on the horizontal line I want to add a guide 35% in, if the canvas is 2000px in height, the guide would be 700px down.
  8. I had Adobe Sketch installed, but after uninstalling upon importing it says “downloading from iCloud” for a split second but nothing actually imports. Anything I am missing?