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  1. Hi @Sean P , closing the file inside the app is unfavorable for my work, because I always fall back on elements and structures. But I closed about 1/3 of the files for testing, unfortunately without success, the disk space usage remained at over 71 GB. Greetings Sandra
  2. Hi @Sean P, Yes, the total size of all .afdesign files is about 1GB. I have already deleted the histories/ logs in every single file. I have organized the files in various projects analogous to the subfolders in the dropbox. Greetings Sandra
  3. Hi @Sean P, After the complete reinstallation, as well as the import of brushes and .afdesign files, I could not observe any unnatural increase in disk space. The storage space has risen to over 70GB in the coming weeks. But during this time I only made small sketches in the AD on the iPad. I share all my brushes, app settings, color palettes and .afdesign files with you via a dropbox link. You can find the release link in the document I put in your dropbox. Thank you very much for your support. For this problem I already have a support ticket [292-24DEB444-0307]. Greetings Sandra
  4. Hi @Sean P, Today I used the brush tool with the rope stabilizer and also in this combination the app is frozen after a short time similar to the use Pencil + rope stabilizer. I attach analysis protocol. Many thanks and best regards Sandra designer ipad-2019-08-11-090512.ips
  5. Hello Support Team, yesterday the old problem with freezing the app when using the pencil in combination with the stabilizer reappeared. I attach the error log. Many thanks for your support Sandra I'm using the latest large iPad Pro with 128GB memory, with the latest iOS and version 1.7.1 of AD designer ipad-2019-08-06-121052.ips
  6. Hi support team, Is there any solution how I can reduce the huge amount of data without deleting the app? Deleting the app means a lot of effort, because I have to restore all brush settings, all color palettes, all settings within the app and all project folders manually. As you can see in the screenshot, I don't have an "Inbox" folder in iTunes that explains this amount of data. Data volume app: 1,13GB Data volume .afdesign files in the iCloud 1.02GB But 71.6GB app storage space requirement on the iPad. After trying to move the app to the iCloud and restore it using Apple tools, it was still 71.6GB. As already described above, I also deleted the project logs in every single .afdesign file. Is there already a solution for this problem, if yes, it is implemented in the 1.7.2 Best regards Sandra
  7. Many thanks to iuli @Iulisvectordesign and gabriel @GabrielM, I'm working with the latest big iPad Pro and the latest AD version on the iPad. I already had the problem in April that the size of the AD app on the iPad has grown to over 70GB. At that time I deleted the app and had to restore the brushes, color palettes, folder structures of my files, etc. with a lot of effort. The result was a reduction from 77GB to 690 MB of disk space. In addition, I always deleted the entire history in the individual drawings. Since that time I have only created smaller drawings, which in total occupy a data volume of about 45MB in the iCloud, nevertheless the app on the iPad has swollen to 70GB again. Under file sharing in iTunes I don't see an Inbox folder. Update: the backup of all afdesign. Files in the iCloud has a total volume of 1.02 GB . In every single file I deleted the logs for the history. It would be good if I could see an overview of the files and their file size in the settings of the app and delete them directly there if necessary. 70 GB of storage space for an app that needs 1.3 GB and uses another 1.02 GB of net space for documents seems to me to be a bit eerie hoc. Regards Sandra
  8. Hi @Iulisvectordesign, Could you send me a link to the thread explaining the suggested solution via iTunes? Thank you very much Sandra
  9. Hi, I also have the problem that the app swells to an incredible GB size without really using it intensively ...
  10. Perhaps it would be helpful if the known open bugs from the beta that are not resolved were summarized in a post here in the thread. Then we would have an overview of what to expect after the update and the known bugs will not be reported again. Cheers
  11. I use the option to switch between Pentoole and Notetool very often. If someone reads from Support, please reinstall.
  12. Thank you , I already noticed my bug and wrote it to my original post as an update
  13. Hi, thanks for the update! I bought Affinity Designer for Mac OS through the Appstore. I can't find the product key on Apple's invoice. Did I download the update from store.serif and am now asked for the key? UPDATE: SOLVED! I downloaded the update from the App Store and didn't need a key anymore.
  14. My current workaround is to keep the Apple Pencil at a very small tilt angle. It's not a 100% solution, but better than nothing.
  15. Hello gdenby and DM1, Answer from Affinity Support: "This issue is one we are aware of and it's been passed over to the developers to look into further. Unfortunately we can't provide time frames on when issues will be resolved."
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