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  1. SandraM

    Move tool keeps transforming

    My current workaround is to keep the Apple Pencil at a very small tilt angle. It's not a 100% solution, but better than nothing.
  2. Hello gdenby and DM1, Answer from Affinity Support: "This issue is one we are aware of and it's been passed over to the developers to look into further. Unfortunately we can't provide time frames on when issues will be resolved."
  3. There are two switches: - Settings- Tools "Select objects that are touched by the selection frame". - Settings in the Layers Studio "Select in all layers". Both are set, there is no need for more additional switches. Simplicity should be the top priority. My described problem is not a feature request, but clearly a bug, With these two switches it must be possible to select objects across all groups.
  4. Hi gdenby, thank you for your encouraging words. I started drawing on the iPad in 2013 and have a very long journey behind me through Paper53, Sketches, Concepts, Graphics, Procreate. Believe me, I have an IT background and am used to pain. When I was allowed to draw a strategy picture in the format 1.70m x 2.75m for a customer in September, I was absolutely happy to have found the AD iPad app. Since then I have invested a lot of time in learning the app. The last customer projects ran out of time, because I lost a lot of time by the frustrating search for lines. I wanted to recommend the app tomorrow on a barcamp to a lot of colleagues, but under the current circumstances I can hardly do it without restrictions ... I have the impression that this ticket is simply ignored. Although DM1 and you confirmed my observations - zero reaction from the AD team. We have a lot to do with software development, but that a ticket not responded to by the vendor for over a week has never happened to me before. The other problems with the Move tool have existed since summer and there is no ETA yet when these problems will be fixed.
  5. Hello toltec, Unfortunately, the Move tool does not work reliably with groups in the background either. Select under and inside do not work reliably. I think the tool should be fixed.
  6. Hello gdenby, Thank you, the global colors are a valuable tool on the desktop and I hope that they will soon be integrated into the iPad version. The effort for this workaround regarding the bug in the selection tool is unfortunately too high for me. I still hope that someone from the AD team will take care of the problems with the selection tool. Both DM1 and you have confirmed that you can see the same behaviour as me. For my work this tool is really important and I think for many others as well. The selection of some lines is simply not possible with this tool and a search in hundreds of layers starts .... My huge enthusiasm for this great app is currently being suppressed by huge frustration and helplessness. It is an essential tool, how long does it take for the AD team to deal with such a problem? Does anyone have any experience? Sandra
  7. Hello Boldlinedesign, thanks for the tip, I lowered the value.
  8. Same here Designer iPad-2018-10-31-084412.ips The problem is that after freezing and restarting the app about 80% of the lines are no longer present. For a complex illustration in comic style, I quickly draw 200 individual lines and it is all the more important to me that this tool is stable. Starting over and over again at 20% of the drawing is very frustrating.
  9. SandraM

    freezing using stabilizer

    Hey´╗┐, Same Problem in Designer iPad-2018-10-31-084412.ips
  10. Thank you very much. In order to avoid the problems with the selection tool, I can no longer work on the iPad with the grouping of colors in separate groups. So the subsequent coloring with global colors of the suggested way "paste style" would not work. Or do I misunderstand that?
  11. Hello gdenby, I will look at the desktop version on the Mac and especially the global color. Could it work that I draw the file on the iPad including colors and shadows so that I can add it to the desktop using the global colors ? Or do I need to set this global color before coloring? Update: I just read the AD Workbook and unfortunately I had to find out that I have to color with the "global color" to adjust it later. Too bad, I only have the iPad on hand at the customer's site. Thanks, Sandra
  12. hello gdenby, Thank you again for your time and effort in dealing with my problem. I can confirm your observations, I also often have the problem that I cannot select individual lines and a laborious search begins in the layers. Unfortunately the global color does not exist on the iPad, so I have to make do with the grouping. As a Visual Facilitator, our first job is to translate the ideas and thoughts of our customers simultaneously into picture+text notes. Only at the end are the contents meaningfully structured and brought to life with color and shadow. The colours are within a separate group, so that I can correct them quickly if necessary (see missing global colours), if the customer prefers green instead of blue . So these are very often real-time sketches for which I mainly want to use the program and I love the speed as well as the vectors in AD. I never wanted to go back to pure pixel apps, but for me a selection tool is incredibly important. Crazy way it works with simple nested groups, but unfortunately not with complex drawings and groupings. The lasso selection in Procreate is ingenious . I hope to get a workaround from the AD team for the problems with the selection tool, otherwise I have to go back to Procreate or the various other apps. It would be really frustrating because I find AD optimal for visualization. I hope for an answer . Sorry for my bad English. Sandra
  13. Here is a little demonstration how I can work with other apps on the iPad (here Procreate). All elements of a drawing can be selected, moved and transformed afterwards without any problems and independent of layers. This is a basic feature when drawing on the iPad. IMG_7284_TRIM.MOV
  14. Hello Affinity Support, The problem is still not solved and so far no answer came from the Affinity Team itself. The fact that I can't select areas with the selection tool to move or transform them afterwards is a huge problem. If I do something wrong, please give me a tip or a workaround. I would like to somehow be able to mark areas with the selection tool. I can't possibly search and mark in hundreds of layers. Even the ungrouping of groups is not efficient for my work. To underline the problem again, today another example where the selection tool does not work. In this example I try to mark the measuring cup to move it afterwards. Neither the rectangle selection itself, nor additional options in the lower menu lead to the desired result. As in the first example, I also attach the affinity file to the ticket. Hoping for a solution soon Sandra ScreenRecording_10-30-2018_09-31-52.MP4 Himbeertraum-Rezept 2 3.afdesign
  15. Thank you very much for your answer. I have compared the procedure with the selection tool again with a simple and the more extensive file. Additionally you can see in the video that I also considered the tip with the finger tap at "Select inside". Unfortunately, the selection tool doesn't work at all with the more complex file (see video). No layer is selected, neither within the group nor across groups. From my point of view this is a bug. TestAD.mp4