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    Alfred reacted to PatrickOfLondon in Tiny corrections to "View > Customise Tools..."   
    Thank you Alfred, for unearthing the not-quite-so-missing Affinity Cat.

    In which case, I think there's a correction required to the Help entry for Cat, which says the Alt key is used.... but it's the Shift key that's required, instead.
    Hoping a separator tool-tip will make it into the release version (for which things are now looking very good), or an early update to that.

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    Alfred got a reaction from PatrickOfLondon in Tiny corrections to "View > Customise Tools..."   
    The Cat Tool isn’t missing from the Shapes flyout, it’s (deliberately) hidden! To display this particular ‘Easter egg’, hold down the Shift key when you click on the tiny triangle.
    I agree that the separator is crying out for a tooltip.
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    Alfred reacted to Noe_g in first attempt   
    first attempt at this style my coloring is way off as I need to work in shading and light sources but im really happy with how it turned out.

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    Alfred reacted to John T in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (GM Preview)   
    Sorry for the error had a late night.
    Yes you have sorted it. Many thanks Alfred.
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    Alfred reacted to GarryP in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Just tried (beta) and there’s now a page navigation panel at the bottom-left of the main window for page selection. Lovely.
    (No Pages panel, but that shouldn't be much of a problem in Designer.)
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    Alfred got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    Are you using the current retail version of Designer 1.7, or the latest beta?
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    Alfred reacted to DM1 in Clipping image to a group   
    I think it’s preferable, as it allows you to select individual shapes and add to or reposition them easily. @garywi The attachment explains it pretty well but I can never remember which is what, cropping/clipping, usually get a result by trial and error.
    Clipping vs Masking v2.pdf
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    Alfred reacted to GarryP in Pages in Affinity Designer?   
    I’m currently using Designer (retail, I assume, what I got via the “Download Update” button on the Designer start-up pop-up) on Windows 10 Home 1903.
    I’ll give the 1.7.1 beta a whirl and see if there’s a difference.
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    Alfred reacted to PatrickOfLondon in Tiny correction to "help text" content   
    Hi, apologies for reporting such a minuscule error, but speaking as a perfectionist....
    in Help > Appendix > Preferences > ...

       Filler Text
         • Instead of placeholder 'latin' text you can add our own custom text content (any language) to act as filler text.

    ..."our" should be "your".
    You could also helpfully add "in" before "any", and capitalise "latin", so the corrected help entry would become:
       Filler Text
         • Instead of placeholder 'Latin' text you can add your own custom text content (in any language) to act as filler text.
    At least it's something that's easy to fix!

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    Alfred reacted to Carole in A4 Size   
    Many Thanks that  was easy
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    Alfred got a reaction from DM1 in Bleed limits   
    Bleed should be whatever value(s) you choose, usually 3 mm all around. It was zero here before I tried to change it, but my units were set to points; when I attempted to ‘resize’ the document to use mm instead of pt, the app crashed.
    Designer iPad-2019-06-16-100118.ips.beta
    Edit: I see that the question is actually about the different maximum values. I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the reason for that might be.
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    Alfred reacted to sharron in Eraze tool missing   
    Awww Alfred, Thank you soooo much for your speedy reply, I've spent hours searching as didn't realise this,  and the video is brilliant I've managed to  change the colour to suit  within 30 seconds of watching.. I think I'll be finding myself on here quite a lot  lol. once again a huge thank you Alfred.
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    Alfred got a reaction from sharron in Eraze tool missing   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Sharron.
    The Eraser Tool is only available in the Pixel Persona. As for the darkness of the default user interface, you can switch to the light UI if you prefer:
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    Alfred got a reaction from Dan C in Pageplus to pdf colour shift   
    Alternatively, post to the CommunityPlus Forum.
    Loss of brightness suggests that you’re using the RGB colour space in your design but then publishing to PDF for print using CMYK. The CMYK colour space has a much smaller gamut, and bright colours (especially green and orange) are among the casualties.
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    Alfred reacted to Brad Brighton in buy a 'present'   
    @tersmuse I asked a similar question on FB recently ("how to gift licenses") and the answer is to contact the Affinity Sales team (affinity@serif.com) to purchase a redemption code that they can use to create their own store account for redemption.
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    Alfred got a reaction from oxjox in Is there no white balance picker?   
    I’m glad you managed to put your finger on it!
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    Alfred reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (GM Preview)   
    Status: GM Preview
    Purpose: Improvements and Fixes
    Requirements: 64 Bit Win 7 SP1 / Win 8.1 / Win 10  (>=1607)
    Download: Here
    Auto-update: Currently Unavailable
    We are pleased to announce that Affinity Publisher Build 399 (GM Preview) is now available as a download from the link above. This is the build we hope to  ship to customers next week.
    After launch we will start a new Customer Beta for those who have purchased the software and wish to have early access to on-going updates and fixes.
    We hope you enjoy the product, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. 
    Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. 
    Many thanks to all users in the forum who have helped us get to where we are - we couldn't have done it without you.
    Fixes and updates
    Menus / Studio
    Turned 'Clip To Canvas' off by default for Publisher only
    Moved Stock panel to left had side in default studio setup
    Shadows and Highlights updates
    (Mac) Selection of swatch in Swatch Palette now considers overprint
    (Win) Custom panel height is no longer reset on reopening the app
    (Win) Fixes for Gradient Colour selector
    (Win) Setting CMYK Colour profile in preferences was blanking Grey profile
    (Win) Fixed Tint slider for Column Guides colour
    (Mac) Fix for HSL Adjustment crashing on some setups
    Fixed Drag-clone with Alt behaviour in Move Tool
    Text / Tables
    Fixed possible hang processing 'Keep With Next'
    Fixed possible hang resizing table cells
    Apply with Next Style was producing local formatting only
    Fix for crash deleting pinned images in specific file
    Setting capitalisation options on fields was causing them to disappear
    Find and Replace
    Updated search results to not display <U+XXXX> notation
    Fix issue with stale index topics failing to save correctly
    Import / Export
    Fixed issue exporting zero size bitmaps
    Earlier Release Notes Beta 384
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    Alfred reacted to jmwellborn in eejits   
    Charming fellow.   Definitely an IQ of over 140!!
    'Twas here I know, beneath my thumb!
    Where oh where is E. Uuuuuumiuuuum?
    He'd stroke his beard and twirl his 'stache,
    Jump up to look, and find the cache!
    My pen was there!  How'm I so dumb?
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    Alfred reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo iPad 1.7.1 patch due soon   
    Still Wednesday/Thursday and updates in the burger menu top right should do the trick
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    Alfred got a reaction from jmwellborn in eejits   
    Shouldn’t that be eejitus uuuuuumiuuuum™?
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    Alfred got a reaction from ThirtyFiveThousand in “Shear” Transformation in vertical plane   
    For changes which are visually based, we really need to be able to effect rotation and shear via the canvas instead of the Transform Studio. We can do this in the desktop apps, but I can’t see any way to do it in the iPad apps.
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    Alfred reacted to Jonas Nyström in Designer: Inconsistent object sizing (aspect ratio) for Image and Vector layers   
    Ah, thanks a lot, Alfred!
    I just could not understand why on earth I could never learn how to size things in Designer..! This will definitely reduce my WTF stress level! :-)
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    Alfred reacted to dutchshader in Next dumb question.   
    When i create a file for silhouette, the file is created at 72 dpi and on export the " set viewbox " is unchecked.
    No size problems this way
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    Alfred got a reaction from oxjox in Is there no white balance picker?   
    I’m glad you managed to put your finger on it!