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  1. There is such button on top called "Cycle selection box". This is last button at right when move tool (black cursor) is chosen.
  2. We got red and blue and green on first line of colors at palette, but yellow is too green to be yellow!
  3. I remember how easily I implemented exact picked color to object in Photoshop using "Colorize". In Affinity Photo the only way to implement exact picked color is to use Color Replacement Brush Tool. There is no Adjustment that suggests opportunity to pick exact color. Adjustments only have sliders. So I request new Adjustment same with Recolor but including possibility to pick color (with eyedropper and with swatches).
  4. So now I have to click "Place" each time? I could simply drag images to project before.
  5. Yesterday I found that images ocassionally became being linked in Affinity Photo instead of being embedded. I can't find actual info on changing this option!
  6. Can't update. Windows 10 says: "Can't be installed on your computer. Ask manufacturer."
  7. Putting RGB file into CMYK project or converting RGB project with inserted RGB file to CMYK may lead to sufficient color change. If you need to pick proper color from RGB image, import it to RGB project and when you picked colors, convert project to CMYK. Colors that you picked will remain basically same. So I agree, that it's better to work in RGB until export.
  8. Guidelines that I get out of rulers, you know, never snap to object edges. How to make them snap?
  9. When I paste effects, they are never the same as I copied. For example, outline always has different width.
  10. Can I use this preset automatically on new projects?
  11. I often export CMYK layouts to RGB JPEG but after new launch my RGB export option is gone. Can it be saved?
  12. Yes. It helped. I deleted file from AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\temp directory.
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