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    jhnthyn reacted to Pepperdog2 in Designer's Jewellery Kit for Affinity   
    Here's a quick one. She's my idol.

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    jhnthyn reacted to thisldo in Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day   
    I think I love you!  Truly appreciate this wonderful share.  

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    jhnthyn reacted to v_kyr in Xmas Trees   
    Here are some last minute Affinity Designer Xmas trees for your Christmas card greetings!

    The AD files:
    xmas_trees.afdesign xmas_tree_a5.afdesign
    Have a nice time!
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    jhnthyn reacted to Alfred in Affinity Publisher - Book Creation "Alice In Wonderland"   
    Are you quite sure you really want to go down that particular rabbit hole??
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    jhnthyn reacted to toltec in Affinity on Android   
    I used my tablet mainly for reading the manuals for the various software programs I use on the desktop.
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    jhnthyn reacted to Scungio in Affinity on Android   
    Mobile development is a tricky thing, and developers have my sympathy. I love my iPad Pro but I have had Samsung tablets in the past too. In my experience it just seems like my Android loving friends are cheap bastards! 
    I tell them about an app or game coming to Android, they look at the price tag and roll their eyes. Not to be outdone, I have friends that are iOS fanboys and when they complain about the new Files app in iOS 11 being disappointing, I point them to Stratospherix FileBrowser. I use this little gem of an app to not only access my Dropbox, Google Drive but also any and all Hard Drives attached to either of my Mac Pros. There is a bit of a learning curve but it makes getting files on and off the iPad/iPhone much more manageable (and even enjoyable). 
    So great, you would think these buddies of mine would jump at the chance to buy FileBrowser. But then they look at the $5.99 price tag and frown. What? Exactly! How can you make any money in mobile development when people are so damn cheap.
    I would gladly have paid the same $50 Desktop amount for Affinity Photo for iPad and the upcoming Affinity Designer for iPad. But Serif has priced them at $20? And then they have sales where you can pick up Photo for $10? And yet I still have a hard time convincing people to take the plunge and buy Photo for iPad.
    LumaTouch makes LumaFusion, which is this really incredible video editing app for the iPad/iPhone that cost $20. Again, I recommend it to people but the price tag gives them pause. I don't have any concrete stats to prove it, but I think iOS users are more willing to pay for more expensive apps but even that has limits. People have become so ingrained that mobile apps should be free or cost next to nothing.
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    jhnthyn reacted to Simnix in Affinity on Android   
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, when I purchased it last year it was the fastest tablet on the market and can still give any iPad a very long run for it's money. As regards to development it is cheaper to design for Android than it is for Apple. an Individual developer account for Apple is about $99 per year, a company developer account starts at $300 per seat per year, again apple thinking about how much money they can screw out of joe public. An Android developer account is about $20 per year. I have been a software developer for over thirty years, developing for Windows, Linux, Apple and Android. There are a lot more development hoops to jump through for Apple than there is for Android. If you are talking about the "Software Development Life Cycle" then it does not mater what operating system you develop for as the costs are the same. I much prefer to design and code for Android than Apple. 
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    jhnthyn reacted to R C-R in Affinity on Android   
    As it is, the iOS version of Affinity Photo requires an iPad with an Apple A8x CPU & a M10 coprocessor or better, which means it will not run on any iPad older than the iPad Air 2. An Android version would likely have comparable hardware requirements. As I understand it, not many Android devices run on hardware with that much onboard computing power, so the potential market for an Android version is probably much smaller than one might think.
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    jhnthyn reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Steady on.  Not a great way to motivate us.
    Priorities doesn't necessary just mean what we think is important, but also what things have to be done in a certain order, and whether those things collectively also are more important than other features which need attention. It is also a balance of how much work is actually involved in what might appear to be a small feature.
    I have just spent months refactoring a lot of our internal tools in order to facilitate faster future development and enabling editing features across tools.  This was a big task, but the few changes and additions I have made off the back of this have already demonstrated that this was time well spent.  Now, as a user you will have no idea of the scale of the work involved in changing our internal framework while preserving the current functionality of our tools.
    Software development is a fluid beast.  Only as our code base expanded did it become clear that things could be achieved in a different/better way.  Due to a lot of commitments already made, the changes I wanted to make got pushed back a number of times. I have now made them, and 1.7 will come with some significant additions - though the scale of work to implement them might still not be obvious to the end user.
    This thread is to show a raft of new (hopefully innovative) features that are in the pipeline, and you are accusing us of pretty much doing nothing to improve the software...!? All of these additions will achieve 99% of the use cases that have been thrown up (while not tying you to a very limiting grid based drawing method) - the only exception being the ONE use case where you want to be able to easily replicate sets of curves built previously using known grid positions for handles. (If I am missing the other use cases, you will have to explain them individually). AND, I have already made many comments as to why this feature will conflict with our current tool usage, but I think I have even said that we will try and add it.  So what is the problem?  You are not going to be getting 1.7 Beta just yet anyway, so why is this turning into a rant?  We have heard your request, and while I would personally argue that placing curve handles on grid produces a very limited artistic scope, I will accept it is the way you like to work.
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    jhnthyn reacted to smadell in Tips for managing afphoto files with DAM software?   
    Hey, ekeen4...
    I've found Photo Supreme to be a wonderful way to catalogue my photos. It's available on both Mac and Windows (I'm on a Mac) and gives me a great escape route if and when I want to switch to another DAM (hint, hint, Serif...). Also, Photo Supreme CAN handle Affinity Photo native files (although I suspect that the display is just the embedded jpg - it's a catalogue, so why is this such a big problem?).
    First, open the File Handling portion of the Preferences drop-down. Add ".afphoto" to the list of File Extensions at the bottom.

    Now that Photo Supreme is allowed to import .afphoto files, you can do so. Here is a screenshot of a sample folder with a RAW, Affinity Photo, and JPG version of the same photo.

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    jhnthyn reacted to Gabe in Tips for managing afphoto files with DAM software?   
    Hi @ekeen4,
    Have a quick look here: 
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    jhnthyn reacted to Affinity Jack in Affinity Jack Tutorial: Color Splash Effekt (English Subtitles)   
    ich habe auf YouTube ein neues Affinity Photo Tutorial hochgeladen. Den "Color Splash Effekt". Ich habe zeige dazu wie man den Effekt erstellt und wie man ihn variieren kann.
    Viel Spaß dabei.

    I uploaded a new Affinity Photo Tutorial. The "Color Splash Effect" with English Subtitles.
    I show how to create the effect quickly and set some variations.
    Have fun
    Your Jack

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    jhnthyn reacted to Butterfly in List of tools for beginners   
    I am an 82 year old novice at photo editing (other than iPhoto and Photos editing). I see a significant learning curve ahead of me. The tutorials so far are excellent albeit a bit fast and difficult to follow the curser; the voice timbre, accent and clarity are excellent for me as I have severe hearing disability.
    Could you list all the tools and describe their function in short paragraphs?
    I itent to develop my macro skills and I wonder if you will cater for stacking?
    Meantime I'm very impressed with the app and the support you give.
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    jhnthyn got a reaction from leethomas in Create/Save New Page Presets   
    It appears to be a feature of the Affinity Publisher Beta, so hopefully it will make it into Designer and Photo.


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