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  1. Hello, I have an older Olympus E-M5 and to make the most out of it I use bracketing to ultimately create HDR scenes. There is of course the challenge that the camera should be very still and stable when taking these photo's. Now, I mostly use AE bracketing with 5 successive shots with different exposures, and I end up with 5 raw images. When merging those into HDR picture it can achieve incredible high quality results, even for a camera that is more than 6 years old. My question is: can I simulate bracketing? I quickly tried by taking one jpg (not raw), tone down the exposures, save the images, and ultimately use those in HDR merge, with varying results. I guess doing these with raws should result in the same when taking 5 (or even 7) separate multi exposure shots? If simulating works, than I only need to take 1 shot. I won't be needing a tripod and a cable to a remote shutter button! Another question: does Affinity support batch processing raw files?
  2. The action is Save As, saving to a new file. I did not measure consequently saving actions to an existing file yet but might be the same performance
  3. Hi there, I have purchased Affinity Photo for Windows a while ago and I am using it more and more, usually playing with HDR (raw 32 bit -> tone mapping). What strikes me as very odd is the speed difference when saving an affinity project to my NAS (1Gb connection and conventional discs) compared to saving directly to SSD: there is no difference! Saving to SSD on the same machine should be very noticably faster, but it isn't. How come? Exporting to jpeg is blistering fast also to NAS... I am using a Ryzen 7 (1700) machine with 16GB memory and 240GB SSD (Samsung 840), quite a performing machine in itself :-) Personally I would like to see Serif not only dedicate itself to new features and apps, but also spend effort to bring speed improvements (competition is moving forward).
  4. Hi there, I am curious if Affinity will support more hardware tools and/or other platforms in the future? I am thinking about support for Surface Dial and Android support. I think with desktop support on latest Samsung devices (dex), Affinity could be quite useful. Android on the other hand is quite memory hungry...
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