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  1. Well the original post was made in 2014 - So I'm not getting my hopes up it will be anytime soon!
  2. C'mon Affinity - Why hasn't this been implemented yet? This original post was back in 2014!!
  3. I'm adding my voice to this - As I have 180 different button text to update on 1 document - this is going to be a LONG process - with "Find and Replace" this would be done really quickly. Please sort this in AD!
  4. I agree !! Here here Rick. Lets hope they do something soon
  5. I'm still fairly new to Affinity. But yes, a Page Style Preset sounds about right.. ... sometimes the customer needs to be adjusted by a few MM too, as well as the artwork! hahah
  6. Thanks, But this won't really help me, as I usually have artwork supplied by my customers which need to be adjusted by a few mm. (so having the preset, I could quickly and easily amend the document the customer has sent me to the size format that I require). I'll continue manually typing the numbers for now then...
  7. Any news on adding this feature? It would be so great if this could be added as a set of page defaults we can set ourselves.
  8. Hi all, I'm asking a question which may not even be possible. I want to be able to duplicate text on a design, where in fact, if I amend 1 part of the text, the duplicated verison also updates. I.e It's a ticket design for an event. One part is the main ticket, the other is the stub. (Main ticket for the customer, the stub for the venue). So it will have the same information on. Date of show Seat number Customer reference. Attached image is a quick design to get an idea of what we are trying to achieve.
  9. Hi Affinity Forums Team! I've not been using AD for that long, but haven't had chance to get my head around exporting PDF with the bleeds, as I could never get them to work correctly. So for instance. A5 Document, printer requires 2mm bleed all around. (A5 = 148mm x 210mm) with Bleed = 152 x 214mm Now, if I set the document to A5, and add "Bleed" of 2mm all around - will AD then make the document 2mm bigger for me all around? It doesn't seem to show? When I export to pdf.. the bleed markings don't show 2mm in.. simply just on the edge of the document??? I've had to make the document actually 2mm bigger to add in the additional bleed bits (if that makes sense) Any ideas. Attached is the pdf and the ad file. Torbay-Lottery-2mm-bleed.pdf Torbay-Lottery.afdesign
  10. Great news. It's now working.. Darn Mac not showing in the main update window! I'll keep an eye on that. Yay! Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi Alfred, No - Only use the same apple ID. On purchases it says "install" - Let me try that...
  12. I'm afraid the mac shows no updates available. Yes, I'm logged into the MAC Store... See screenshot.
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