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    loulou got a reaction from SrPx in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi all
    I am from France and CG addict since 15 year. Modeling ( 3DSMax, Blender) and 2D (Painter from Corel and Adobe products.I find Affinity products while I was looking for a alternative for Adobe. 
    Looks pretty impressive so far what I could see. 
    Looking forward to learn more about Affinty and hope for more product lines
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    loulou reacted to v_kyr in Matte Color Macro   
    For certain photos like street, casual wear, but also sometimes for portraits, I tend to use matte color effects if those shots have to underline some more urban style. It is an easy task to apply some matte color effect to your shots, though if you need it quite often a reusable macro is the way to go for this. - Here is one adjustable matte color macro for Affinity Photo, which you can reuse for such matte effects for either color or b&w images.



    This macro creates three layers for you with corresponding layer masks:
    A curves adjustment layer which applies the main matte coloring to the image, which lowers contrast and flattens blacks. You can use the mask (draw with a
    white/black brush) to exclude/include specific areas from the matte color. For example you could exclude in portraits the eyes from being matte here etc. A contrast boosting layer which allows to give back a little bit of the contrast lost by the matte color effect. This is as default a copy of the matte layer with an
    applied soft light blending mode and half lowered opacity. Again you can use the mask to remove or reapply certain image areas here. Finally a desaturation layer which can be used to lower the saturation of possibly still too bright colors. You can use the mask here too in the same intended
    way as before mentioned for the other layers.  
    matte_color.afmacro Matte color.afmacros  
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    loulou reacted to drippy cat in How to START in Affinity?   
    Hi. If you go here - https://theeagerlearner.com/ I offer a free 90+ page guide to Affinity Photo which assumes no prior knowledge on your part. It covers the absolute basics and may help you. If it does, I'll be happy for you.