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  1. I know people are irritated about this, and I'm dealing with the same problem of trying to import brushes, but Affinity Photo users need to have a little patience. I'm a senior systems engineer and software developer, too, and this stuff takes time. We can assume these are not a bunch of slack-jawed troglodytes keeping this program going. I guarantee the developers are not just chillin' in the breakroom and laughing at the comments about people not being able to import brushes. I love the software, and I understand how bugs and errors happen. Keep doing what you're doing. You're producing and supporting a great product, and I appreciate it. I haven't used Photoshop for anything since I bought Photo. If there were any other function I'd love to see, it's being able to import Lightroom presets into the RAW processor, because I bought a bunch of them thinking I'd be able to import them into Photoshop, and then export them, sort of like a layers collection, into Affinity Photo. Well, it doesn't stinkin' work, so I got a bunch of presets for nothin'. That's frustrating. And I don't even own Lightroom (and don't want to). Anyway, just food for thought. Keep up the good work. Tony
  2. I'm running the most recent version of Affinity Photo on Win 10. Batch processing is failing when trying to save as .afphoto extension files. I've tried to run smaller batches (12 or less), running batches without parallel processing, and the program crashes every time, seemingly after saving only one file of the batch. Any ideas? My system is a six core i7 with an NVMe solid state drive and 32 gigs of RAM. I'm not sure what this issue is. Any help would be appreciated. This is biting me because I'm trying to process a retirement ceremony I shot a couple of weeks ago, and I'm running up on my deadline.
  3. Carl, I ran it without the macro and it still crashed. Anything else I might try? Thanks for all the help. Tony
  4. Callum, I tried it without parallel processing, as well. The application still crashes. Tony
  5. Hey folks. I have a problem after updating. I am trying to run a batch job on a photo shoot and apply a macro. I am able to set up the job and select the files, select the directory, and I'm saving the files as .aphoto files with the macro applied. I process the files in parallel and, while watching the process run, the files begin to save into the directory. The process runs until a couple of files save, then the process stops running and seems to pause, and then Photo crashes completely. I've run it with just a few files and with fifty files. It crashes the same way each time. It offers no error codes or crash dialogue. The program just closes. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Tony
  6. Just in case anyone else is looking to fix this issue, I found the problem. Even though Photo and Designer were being uninstalled, the old Affinity directory was still present in Program Files. After deleting the old Affinity directory, I restarted my computer, ran the installers, and everything is working fine now.
  7. I am getting an immediate crash on trying to open the application after updating to the most recent 1.7 version. I have uninstalled the application, cleared the registry of all entries, restarted the computer, reinstalled the application using the 1.7 update, and I'm still getting the automatic crash. This is also happening with the Designer 1.7 update. Any help is appreciated. The application with the update is currently running fine on my Windows 10 box. Thank you. Tony
  8. Hey everyone. Hope you're doing well. I looked through the forum for a couple of hours and couldn't find anything exactly on this subject, though I found some things that were similar. I saw that there is a media browser in the MAC version but not in the Windows version. What I would love to see (I've been using Photo and Designer for over a year now for all my editing and advertising materials production......Adobe can suck it) is a panel that I can open in Photo or Designer that displays assets that I use most often, maybe with a directory that I can set for the panel. For instance, an "Assets" panel that I can open in a tab next to the "Brushes" tab in the frame where I can access my screens, overlays, and backgrounds, would be a great addition to my workflow. I do a lot of photo background changes (shooting on a gray background and altering in post), so quick access so I can bring in and remove those assets quickly would be very helpful, and save me time. It would be much better than having to go into Windows Explorer to open them, copy them, and paste them into whatever document I'm currently working on. If I could right-click on an asset and paste it into the document, that would be a huge time saver, especially since I use the same assets most all the time. Anyway, that's just one idea I've had while working with Photo over the last year. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the software and I'll continue to support you guys as long as you keep rocking it. Take care! Tony

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