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  1. I'm attempting to export RAW images as AFPHOTO images. Every photo comes out so dark it's difficult to see any detail. This happens even when I apply a brightening MACRO. Win10 64 GB RAM GTX 1060 Hardware acceleration on and off, same result. I have repeated with the same result multiple times.
  2. It drives me nuts that every time I create a live filter layer that it becomes a child layer instead of stacking on top. Is it possible to have a setting added to stop layers added from becoming child layers?
  3. Just found these. They look great and imported perfectly! Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I'm really not sure what it is. I've been trying to install the Nvidia Studio Driver, but every time I try and I open up the GeForce Experience, it shows that I have the Game Ready Driver installed. I'm not sure why it's reacting that way, but it seems that there's some kind of issue that I don't have any control over. Either way, Affinity Photo crashes pretty often and I haven't been able to figure out why. I'll see if I can get a log.
  5. I'm not sure if it's my graphics driver or the software. I used to be able to run like 20 photos for editing at the same time (I'm referring to having multiple files open simultaneously). Now, if I open more than 4 or 5 photos, I edit one and then the software hangs and I can't get anything to save. I get the recovered files on restart of the software, but it's very frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks everyone. Edit: Forgot to add particulars: Nvidia GeForce 1060, Affinity Photo
  6. I'm having quite a few crashes over the last couple of weeks. I've never had the software behave like this before. I've updated my graphics drivers (Nvidia GeForce 1060) and updated the software, but it still happens every now and then. I'm getting at least one crash per session. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running an i7 hex core processor, m2-nVME drives, and 64 gigs of RAM.
  7. Hey everyone. Hope you're doing well. I could be wrong, but I thought there was a setting to prevent the automatic creation of New Live Filter Layers as child layers. I had to do a rebuild of my system and, on reinstalling Photo, it seems that when I'm creating a macro and doing something like an Unsharp Mask, it always creates as a child layer. Is there any way to prevent that from happening? Thanks and have a great week everybody.
  8. Hey Walt. Thanks for the tips. I disabled parallel processing and it seems that this has fixed it for me. I'm watching my batch job run on 86 photos right now and it's clicking off each one in about 8 seconds each. Doesn't make much use of my 6 core processor, but it'll certainly do. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hey guys. I've been able to reproduce this "problem" a couple of times. I say "problem" because I'm not sure if it is a problem, but it is according to what I'd expect to see with the application. I'm running a batch on 39 RAW photos taken with a Nikon D800. I'm also applying an Unsharp Mask filter during the processing and saving as JPEGS to a new folder. I started the batch job at around 2145 last night before going to bed and checked on it when I woke up this morning, over 8 hours later, and only 5 of the photos had been processed. I remember running batch jobs on a couple hundred photos with macros applied in just a few minutes in previous versions. My memory use becomes steadily higher and my CPU usage also goes up steadily. If you have any ideas for settings or anything, I'm willing to try them. My PC is Windows 10 X64, hex-core i7, 64GB RAM, GTX 1060.
  10. @Callum Here's the export to JPG. You can see the artifact on the sleeve. I changed the performance to nearest neighbor, but it didn't change anything. Any help is appreciated. 2020-10-29_17-11-17.mkv
  11. Hey all. I'm having this issue with this photo and it's giving me a bit of heartburn. It seems like some areas of the photo are not rendering correctly at certain zooms. Please see attached. When I export to a JPG or other type of file, the artifacts are still present in the final rendering. Any help is appreciated. 2020-10-29_09-23-11.mkv
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