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  1. I have the same problem. I followed all the tutorials, using the attached file, and it works, but if I use mine files it doesn't work. I also tried to remove publishers and reinstall them, but nothing changes. I attach the file if anyone wants to try prova TOC.afpub
  2. ciao, hai provato a disconnettere il cavo del monitor. have you tried disconnecting the monitor cable?
  3. Hi, sometimes I have problems with line spacing in affinity publisher 1.7.3. In some text blocks the line spacing changes, in others not, and I can't understand what I'm wrong and why I can't replicate the problem.By deleting the text block and rewriting it again, the new block behaves normally. The text block settings are the same. It has already happened to me in many documents (mac os 10.13.6) 2019-10-11 16-12-07.flv
  4. hi, on Hing Sierra I can use all the wights of Orbitron without any problems.
  5. ok, i didn't know this. I focused on the beta of Publisher and not at all on the news of Designer. To create the effect of "above and below" in some points, which is clearly an illusion, I had to transform all the contours into shapes and then cut some parts from superimposition to themselves in order to create the “woven” effect that is what i'm looking for. I work with different materials and I wanted to try to do a work on designers. Thank you! at the moment there is a blackout so I can't access my computer, but as soon as I can post a detail. EDIT I have attached some screenshots, I hope it's understandable.
  6. thank you, I'm not sure about what "new appearance studio" is... Could be...
  7. it's all updated to 1.7, and I've tried to close and reopen everything more than once.
  8. Link is a fantastic idea. I am sorry to report a problem immediately, but it does not work for me. I have both Photo and Designer on my computer, but I receive the attached message. Could it be because Photo and Designer were bought on the mac app store, while Publisher was bought on the Affinity store?
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