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  1. padura

    I designed an art book in Publisher Beta

    beautiful work and the topic of the book is very interesting
  2. thanks for the new update. I still have the problem that the color space is not updated in Resource Menager. I have exported from A.P. in CMYK color space deselecting metadata but in Resource Menager I see RGB.
  3. try if this could help: I have the impression that there is the same problem for the resolution of images.
  4. padura

    Command W

    I needed to change that shortcut because it did not work on my Mac. Probably due to the language on my system (Italian). I decided for alt + A
  5. every thing was smooth and fast. Thank you!
  6. you can do this with the propriety of the frame and with double clic on the frame, if I understand you question.
  7. I follow this. The explanation is clear and I also asked myself how Publisher deals with overprinting.
  8. yes, Clip to Canvas is toggled on and if I toggle it off fix it. But I think it is a bug. I'm not able to work whit Clip to Canvas toggled off.
  9. Is it normal that one of the master pages is transparent? I have not set "transparent background" in the creation of the document. When I do "hide all guide" everything is white.
  10. "Clip ti canvas" once activated, remains active for each new document. I do not see any problems in the document I downloaded. I see the bleed on both the master and on each page.
  11. Hi I do not know if I understand what you mean. Is your afpub embed file containing images? Embed afpub embed must be bigger since it starts to contain images.