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  1. padura

    Photoshop Path

    Hello, my problem is similar but in the other direction: I have created a path into affinity, but when the file is opened in Photoshop path is not present (.tif file). I have to give this material to a person who uses photoshop but I does not see it. I have to do some special affinity export setup to make it visible? thank you
  2. Hello. I just bought affinity designers but every time I try to use the brush tool application collapses. I made a small video screen to show. I try a search in the forum before posting. Imac spring 2011 el capitan 10.11.2 Paolo affinity-brush-collaps.mov
  3. padura

    Crash on grayscale tif

    you received the order with my email? I tried different file but the result is always the same. This is a scan acquired via epsoc scan, then worked in photoshop. When the file is opened renderin is decomposed, but most of the time the program crashes.
  4. padura

    Crash on grayscale tif

    Done, thank you!
  5. padura

    Crash on grayscale tif

    every time I open files produced by epson scanner and processed in photoshop, the program crashes. The file is grayscale/8bit tiff. I cannot attach the file.