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  1. I follow this. The explanation is clear and I also asked myself how Publisher deals with overprinting.
  2. yes, Clip to Canvas is toggled on and if I toggle it off fix it. But I think it is a bug. I'm not able to work whit Clip to Canvas toggled off.
  3. Is it normal that one of the master pages is transparent? I have not set "transparent background" in the creation of the document. When I do "hide all guide" everything is white.
  4. "Clip ti canvas" once activated, remains active for each new document. I do not see any problems in the document I downloaded. I see the bleed on both the master and on each page.
  5. Hi I do not know if I understand what you mean. Is your afpub embed file containing images? Embed afpub embed must be bigger since it starts to contain images.
  6. it's a small thing but it could be useful to navigate with the up and down arrow keys in Resource Manager to be able to quickly check the data (color profiles, scc.).
  7. I need footnote too for art catalogue.
  8. it would be good if you switch from the "to the guide" mode to the preview mode, all the objects that come out of the bleed are cut. I hope I explained myself
  9. also AfP do not support bitmap image. I've worked for a while with comics and can not convert grayscale images to bitmaps. It would be essential to have this feature in AF Publisher and Photo