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  1. First, excuse the English written here. I do not speak or write fluently, but this will not stop me from trying to help in the development of this tool that can be cheaper and accessible for everyone compared to Adobe. My suggestion to developers and programmers would be to create a fourth tool for the Affinity family, in which it makes the package of any company file. It could be made available for free and track all Affinity applications. With that you would not be copying and would not be accused of plagiarism by Adobe. The action of the new application would be to collect and save to a folder all files related to that Affinity file, such as Photo, Designer and Publisher, which would be: fonts and images (even embedded ones in the resolution being made present within the file). The operation, for me, would be simple, open this new program, go in the option to generate package of the file and this would appear as a folder where the user determines itself. I hope this is viable.