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  1. Hi everyone... i have some problem exporting an object that have shadow using AD 1.7.3. Basically i have setted the blending mode of the shadow to Multiply and if i try to export the output seems to have blending mode setted to Normal. This is what the document looks like with blending mode setted to Multiply: This is the exported version: To avoid the problem i have to set the blending mode to Normal and try to get the right darken shadow color. Export_with_Shadow.afdesign
  2. Ok Thanks, you can find the screen rec. in this link: http://lucacasula.it/2020-01-07 16-43-24.mkv
  3. Still present in I can replicate the problem only with the monitor connected by this Docking Station: https://www.kensington.com/it-it/p/products/connectivity/universal-laptop-docking-stations/docking-station-mobile-usb-c-5-gbsec.-sd1500-hdmi-4k-o-hd-vga-winchromemac/ So it's not a big problem
  4. The problem also occurs in Designer and Photo (always in the Characters panel if detatched)
  5. Hi Gabe, i cannot record both screens, the problem occurs when you have a panel detatched from the main window. Steps to reproduce: Main window in a retina display (such as a macbook pro) Detach a panel that contains some color control (for example the Character panel in Publisher) Put the detatched panel in a FullHD display (i'm using a Dell p2418HZm) Make some input in the main window (for example select a text) Go to the detatched panel in the FullHD monitor and select a color controller In the attached video, the problem occurs after any input in the retina display Senza nome.mov
  6. Hi Padura, it's a problem that occurs only if i open the color wheel in a full hd monitor after a click in a retina display, the second time i try to open the color wheel from the full hd monitor Publisher draws correctly the wheel.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm using publisher with an external monitor, the main screen is a retina resolution, the external monitor is a full hd resolution. In the external monitor i used to have some panel detached form the main Publisher window, if i open the hsl color wheel panel from a fullhd monitor after giving some input on the retina monitor, the color wheel is drawed in retina sizes (@2x). Senza nome.mov
  8. Hi everyone, Please can implement the feature to export UIBezierPath Swift and Objective C code from the drawed shape as the PaintCode and QuartzCode apps? It will be very helpful for a lot of developers, maybe can create a new 'Persona' section. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, i've created a mockup for iMessage Apps UI. The assets contains the icon app table, the compact UI mode, another compact + callout bubble ui and the Expanded UI mode. All it's created by vectors, hope will be useful. http://itemplates.altervista.org/iMessage%20App.afassets ;)
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