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  1. This is great stuff, @Ben and Serif team. Well done! Can't wait for the update. Will certainly move me a step closer to ditching Photoshop/Illustrator.
  2. Hello all, In Photoshop it is quite easy to do a "pixel-stretch" effect on a bitmap layer (such as a photo) by selecting a row or column of single pixels then scaling it (see picture below). When I try to do this in Affinity Designer (in Pixel mode), the pixel row/column is resized and smoothed out, becoming a gradient. How can I avoid this and get the same effect as in Photoshop?
  3. Hi, is there a changelog for the last minor update?
  4. Is there a way to save the gradient being added as an FX to the Gradient swatches instead of an FX style? I do not see the option at all.
  5. Switching colors is also broken on latest retail 1.6 version. The color isn't updated on the panel and doesn't change if I move the sliders around.
  6. This is an issue for me too, just when the pixel grid offset bug got solved, this comes up... The work-around of expanding the object in a larger size doesn't seem to solve the issue @Molumen showcased, where the strokes become this weird blobs instead of rounded rectangles.
  7. Hey guys, congrats on 1.6 and thanks for the freebies! However, the chalky fonts and textures are downloading reeeeaaaally slow (like 9kb/s) while Steam is downloading normally at 5mb/s, so it's not something on my side. Donno if it's something you can fix at all, just wanted to let you know. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Wanted to check with you if not being able to increase/decrease the Transform panel values by using arrow up and arrow down on the text fields (X,Y,W,H) is a known issue on this beta or if it's a new bug. EDIT: After I opened a second document it started working properly and did not stuck again. Will check if it happens again between launches. Thanks
  9. That's really great news! Thank you!
  10. I'll be celebrating this issue's first birthday in a couple of months, the betas haven't fixed it still. No progress at all?
  11. Is the roadmap on the first post up to date?
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for the effort and for the update. Any news on the Windows front? I understand Serif probably won't release a fix for only one of the platforms, but just wondering... @ogardiner BTW, please look for the Bugs on Mac forum as this issue is currently logged for Windows (this post is on the Bugs on Windows forum).
  13. Also, it's now been over 6 months since I reported this issue, I was forced into moving back to Photoshop and recreate many UI projects there, and Affinity hasn't said a thing about a fix other than "it's been logged". Disappointing.