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  1. I doubt if the bugs will be fixed in any release. It's been an ongoing saga for how many years now? Just go straight to v2. What's the difference? It will have bugs as well. I like the interface and the basic concept of the Suite, but the buggy Beta quality is becoming tiresome. I've been checking out Corel Draw on mac of all things to see what's wrong with that. So far they don't have custom workspaces or commands.
  2. Is this a bug? If I bring in a PDF page and select group as text frame, I cannot scale the type. Only the box around gets enlarged, as in picture 1. If we bring in the type as individual lines and then group them or select them individually, we can then scale them.
  3. I see the basic brush set for the pixel persona, but is there supposed to be one for the vector brushes in Designer?
  4. How do I pay in US dollars rather than Canadian? I can buy it on b and h photo for 24.99 but how do I do it on the website?
  5. Saved it as a Tiff in Photoshop and I turned off font layers. Start up Photo and then click open and find the file. Should work.
  6. Aha! so there is a bitmap pixel brush in designer in pixel mode. After you draw a line however, if you move the cursor around you get a trail. If you use another brush and move that around you seem to erase the trail when you move the cursor over it.
  7. Most professionals I know don't see it as a replacement at this point. It can be used in addition to Adobe, but there is too much missing. Not telling people what is planned makes no sense to me and limited resources is an excuse. If they were listening, some basic features that people have been asking for (proper percentage scaling boxes for one) would be there after, what 4 or 5 long years? Not sure where they are heading with these programs at all.
  8. Affinity has been around for a while now and at this point, it is still not a replacement for Adobe. There are a lot of good things, but the development is just taking way too long. There is a golden opportunity that is being missed, because a lot of people are fed up with Adobe. So what exactly is the long range plan and what are the features that are going to be added? There is a lot of stuff that is not there (including proper plugin support) and I wonder if any of the developers are actually listening.
  9. You should be kidding because no one works that way. They are all used together and not for one specific purpose. That should be Affinity's goal (and it sort of appears to be going that way). I've been in this business for 35 years. That's the way it's done. That is the way professionals work. No one relies on one app as being good for just photos or illustration or anything else. You go from one to the other all the time. Solution is : Affinity Designer should have a "no antialiasing" export option as Illustrator does. Add bitmap mode to Photo and the problem is gone and you will get a lot more illustrators as customers. Like I said: should have been there from day one.
  10. People don't use Affinity Photo or Photoshop just to deal with photographs. Are you kidding or what? Bitmap mode is used frequently for black and white line art because it reproduces sharper as explained in that previous thread and for other uses. People have asked for it from day one and nothing has happened in how many years, four or five? The fact that it is not there, along with proper percentage scaling tools or even basic duo tone stuff, suggest that this is destined to be a hobbyist program and not a true Photoshop replacement, unfortunately. None of these things are difficult to implement and should have been there from the start.
  11. I would think this would have been implemented by now. Any particular reason it hasn't?
  12. For professional day in and day out work what you need is a proper scaling tool (and I am not the first person to say it) as in Illustrator or those boxes in Photoshop and Indesign. It is a must.
  13. Why has this not been done after all this time? It is a major flaw in the program. And that goes for all the other programs as well. It should have been there from the beginning. Typing in formulas is not the way to do it! Is this going to be done or not? Getting this done would be a big step forward. Do it already!
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