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  1. Hi, When reopening the develop persona module to add a gradient overlay that covers the entire image as a mask and the gradient is not applicable while . whereas the brush gradiant works. Can we switch to develop persona a second time and reapply a new gradient ?
  2. Hi, I am not using multiple monitor. At the end I restarted with CTRL and now the context tool bar is available in separated mode. it's just that ! thanks to the support team who gave me the clue and everyone who answered.
  3. Thank you both for your explanations. But after checking on the View menu both Show Context Toolbar & Show Toolbar are selected in the two view modes . If I unselect and reselect these parameters there is no change in separated mode . Tomaso, Yes I first select these 2 parameters in non separated mode, then I switch in separated mode and the tool bar + context tool bar disappear.
  4. Hi, Using AP 1.8.3 on MACOS 10.5.5 I see that in separated mode there is no contextual menu available, which means that in develop persona there is no way to switch to photo persona. Also in photo persona, the contextual menu is missing : no adjustment available for the select tool.
  5. Hi, thank you for you reply, but I can't see what to do. In develop persona there is no way to switch to photo persona since there is no contextual menu. Mac OS 10.5.6 / Affinity 1.8.3
  6. When the separate mode is selected the contextual menu is no more displayed. Is it normal ?
  7. Thank you for your reply. But if you can see there is a difference between before and after "Merge visible". The question there, is how to bypass this change in order tu export a jpeg file WITH the same level of noise ?
  8. Problem : On a NEF or ORF photo file, when I apply a Noise effect masq and then I do a Merge Visible, the noise effect disappears. Also, when applying noise effect within the develop persona module, this effect disappears on Photo Persona module. How to do to maintain noise effet in order to export in JPEG format or a print out ? Thank you. Affinity 1.8.3 / Mac OS 13.13.6
  9. Hi, I discover that there is no more presets in all adjustment panels only one preset called default. Is this a normal status ? How can I recover presets ? Thanks Loic Lx
  10. Hi, Stokerg thanks for your explanations. I am going to manage manually what it is not programmable.
  11. Hi , I want to create a macro based on your "technicolor" tutorial video I have the error message " impossible d'enregistrer déplacer" when I want to nest a recolor mask in a pixel layer. Can you advise ? Thanks Loïc
  12. I Thanks for your replay and excuse for my late in providing your the files. Please find hereunder the link where you should download 3 DNG bracketed files I've tried to fusion for a HDR picture. https://www.sfrcloud.sfr.fr/web/app/share/invite/K4hcdIQwEv Regards, Loic
  13. Hi, with the new 1.5 version of A.P the HDR fusion doesn't work. When I have selected 3 JPEG or 3 DNG the thumbnails of the 3 photos are not displayed, but gives black squares. Then nothing occurred except a message the top of the window " Chargement de 1 document" Please find attached 2 screenshots. Could you advise ? Regards, Loic Lacroix MAC OS 10.10.5 / Affinity Photo 1.5.0 new HDR fusion_NEW.pdf
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