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  1. Hi there! I was looking for this option too. It'd be a plus if it had Portuguese (European) too, besides the Brazilian variant. Portugal has a lot of designers looking for great design software! We even have a great History with England! Thank you in advance, Affinity Team!
  2. Thank you so much for your time, Thomaso. And for the explanations on the video. Very explicit I thought the delay in the calculation had to do with the large size (which wasn't that large). But thanks for the info. I'll be paying attention. Hope Affinity team can solve this Best regards, SG
  3. Just uploaded the files to your dropbox. Can you forward them to the team if needed? I'd appreciate. Thanks for your time SG
  4. Hi thomaso; you're welcome. I just created a new Apub file (A4), random picture frame (1st thing), placed the image, the error still happened. Then, did the same thing, but copied the same image to a different directory before placing it. Same export error. Hope it helps. I can upload both the file and the image. Is there a private link?
  5. Greetings all, So, i had this exact same problem (Affinity Publisher+PDF export) and seemed to track down the problem and find a solution. So, to brief it, the error message1 would come up whenever i tried to export this APub file (w/ 30+ pages, images of many sizes; text titles and subtitles, up to 5 different fonts, and interactive hyperlinked elements) into a PDF. Initially i thought it was the size (i thought like: "really? ... can't be" - a i have a pretty reasonable rig). I tried almost all PDF export methods available in APub, and the only one that worked was the rasterize everything... which is a bit 'yucky' ... So, as soon as i got a lil' time i went to track the problem down: I started exporting sections (pages 1-10, then 1-15, then 1-20, etc.) until i found which page was the problem, and then to make sure, i tried to export the section after it, and then that page alone. It was only one page. So, in my case, it had nothing to do with Fonts; as i happened to find, there were 2 picture frames with very long (height wise) images inside; i rasterized those 2 picture frames and voilá, it worked. [update: It had to do with only one of the images, regular .JPG file, less than 1000 KB; see end of the post for JPEG detailed info] It shouldn't happen, i know, and would be great if Serif/Affinity team could solve these almost random issues; but i hope it helps. If your case is different, my 2 cents' advice is to try to track down what page(s) is the trouble-maker, and see what could be messing with the export. Best Regards SG 1 - "An error occurred while trying to export to: (...)" PROBLEMATIC JPEG INFO: Format : JPEG Width : 844 pixels Height : 1 804 pixels Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 976 KiB (100%) ColorSpace_ICC : CMYK
  6. I've been using Designer for illustration purposes and found it very fluid with lots of cool features (the isometric grids; the ability to switch to PP* and add those awesome textures to your shapes, etc etc) But AD surely deserves the Spray tool as referred 1st by @sorax: Let's do it Serif! Upgrade a Spray Tool ✨in AD!✅ *Pixel Persona
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