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  1. I use different commercial printing services, some do it with specialised software others don't. Also I do personal projects that require this like small run digital printing work. A nice interface for this would be great.
  2. We need asap a way to do simple imposition so that one can export a PDF correctly imposed and with print marks. This is mandatory for making books! InDesign has it and works (could be better). Thanks!
  3. Hi, where is Portuguese language? I only see Portuguese (Brazilian), I'm sure you know that this is not the same as the original Portuguese from Portugal. MacOS X has this by default, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Portuguese (European). Please gives that option!
  4. I just remembered that we had custom keyboard shortcuts inside Affinity software And they allow for single letter shortcuts! This one was easy to solveā€¦ Now, I have an idea, why not enter preview mode when you Toggle UI? It would save an extra step. Make it a preference so people can choose.
  5. Please, please, please, gives us the w shortcut to toggle the Preview Mode. I tried to change the shortcut in MacOSX Keyboard panel but it doesn't allow single letter shortcuts : ( It's so ingrained in me that having to hit a key combination just for that slows me dow considerably. I'm designing a simple 20 page brochure and will send it to print. After that I'll give more feedback. Thanks!
  6. What bothers me more is having to click twice in a page icon to have it displayed.
  7. Exactly, and here in Portugal we are melting already, so we need a fresh beta!
  8. Any news on that beta? I'm starting a series of photography books and i would't mind beta testing Publisher ; )
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